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As General Secretary and Treasurer of SIL for 37 years, Robert Wetzel contributed enormously to the success and growth of the society. Ian Jones and John Smol recently coordinated and edited a new edition of Wetzel’s Limnology, recruiting over 50 international authors, with each chapter being brought up to date by experts.

SIL Education Committee coordinated the creation of chapter video summaries for Wetzel’s Limnology – Lake and River Ecosystems as a tribute to the memory of Wetzel, as well as an outstanding educational resource. The resultant videos are being produced in collaboration with chapter authors and colleagues. The first five videos are free to access to the public on our website. All are encouraged to share these videos broadly and use them as educational tools that complement the textbook chapters.

There are currently 10 videos available on our website or Youtube channel. You can follow this link to the entire playlist of videos, but here’s what’s featured:

Light & Color
Featuring Dr. Yannick Huot on chlorophyll fluorescence profiling, and Dr. Kevin Rose on water clarity and climate change.

Featuring Dr. Hilary Dugan on the impact of human activities on the salinity of lake and river ecosystems, and Drs John Melack and Bob Jellison on collaborative studies at alkaline-saline Mono Lake California.

Freshwater Plants
Featuring Dr. Clive Howard-Williams about water plant research in New Zealand lakes.

Featuring Dr. Stephen Thackeray about his research on zooplankton migration.

Algae and Cyanobacteria
Featuring an introduction by Dr. John Wehr to the ten main groups of algae in inland waters and a presentation by Dr. Sanet Janse van Vuuren on her work on river phytoplankton in South Africa.

Fish & Foodwebs
Featuring Dr. Erik Jeppesen on top-down food web controls in Arctic lakes, and Dr. Zhigang Mao on fish stocking and food web ecology in Lake Taihu, China

Sediments & Microbiomes
Featuring Dr. Michio Kumagai about his sediment-related work in Lake Biwa, Japan.

Featuring Dr. Irene Gregory-Eaves and Dr. John Smol about paleolimnological sampling, applications to Arctic climate change and the power of paleo-DNA analysis.

Featuring Dr. Shuqing An about his conservation work in Changshu wetlands, China, and Dr. Jos Verhoeven about his work on the ‘Room for the River’ project in the Netherlands.

Water Movement
Featuring Dr. David Hamilton on waves and modeling, Dr. Natacha Pasche on the Lake Geneva observing platform, and Dr. Sally MacIntyre on boundary mixing.

Because of this tremendous effort from the Wetzel family, editors, authors, and SIL’s Education Committee, we remind you that Elsevier is offering a 30% discount to all active SIL members on their purchase of the newest edition.

You can access this discount code in the General Information tab of your member area when you log in on the SIL website.

Please join us in recognizing the efforts of the co-authors, editors, contributors, and committees involved in this ongoing project and thanking all for creating free accessible learning tools.

Hoping you are as excited as we are about all this content, we hope to share more great accomplishments soon!