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>>> Pilla et al. 2024: Deepwater dissolved oxygen shows little ecological memory between lake phenological seasons


>>>Jones et al. 2024: Carbon and nutrient sequestration in small impoundments: a regional study with global implications


>>>Wood et al. 2023: A national-scale trophic state analysis to prioritize lakes for restoration in Aotearoa New Zealand —


>>> Côté et al. 2024:Towards modeling data-poor lakes at the regional scale using parameters from data-rich lakes and relationships to lake characteristics —


>>> Görgényi et al. 2023: Rarity of microalgae in macro, meso, and microhabitats —


>>> Fehlinger et al. 2023:The ecological role of permanent ponds in Europe: a review of dietary linkages to terrestrial ecosystems via emerging insects


>>> Zhai et al. 2023: Modelling prolonged stratification and hypoxia in dryland river waterholes during drought conditions