Notice for PEG members

This Symposium is not sponsored by PEG but an international recurring activity which certainly overlaps the PEG activities. As PEG Secretary, I thought it would be good that all PEG members are kept informed of the developments in the field of Rotifer research, which is an essential part of planktonic research.

The IXth International Rotifer Symposium (16-23 January 2000) was held at Khon Kaen in the North-Eastern part of Thailand. The triennial symposium, had the theme, “How far have we come?” The theme chronicled the importance of the history and developments in the field of rotiferology since the first symposium was organised in Lunz, Austria in the mid-1970s. This is the first time the symposium was held in Asia, i.e., outside Europe and North America. It was organised by Dr. La-orsri Sanoamuang of the Department of Biology, and hosted by the Faculty of Science, Khon Kaen University.

The symposium was both very well organised and attended by more than100 participants from all over the world, but most came from Europe and North America. The 4 day deliberations were divided into oral lectures and two poster sessions. The theme of the lectures and posters covered a variety of research studies on rotifers now in progress. The thematic lecture sessions were preceded by invited review papers.

It was striking to note that the research emphasis in the field of rotifers has shifted considerably, from predominantly the fields of systematics, zoogeography, ecology and population dynamics some 25 years ago, to different aspects of Rotifer genetics and evolution such as: molecular phylogeny to understand the evolution of Rotifera and allozyme- and microsatellite-based views of rotifer population, today.

Manuscripts based on more than100 lecture and poster presentations will be submitted to the Editorial Committee for evaluation by reviewers. The peer-reviewed and accepted manuscripts will be, as for previous symposia, published in the ‘Developments in Hydrobiology’ series by Hydrobiologia (Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, Boston). The Xth Rotifer Symposium is planned for 2003 in Vienna, Austria.

Ramesh Gulati
Member organising and editorial committee of the IX Rotifer Symposium
and PEG Secretary

Deep-Coring Operations and Paleolimnological Work in Relict Lakes

Reports numbered 12 (1999) and 13 (2000) for the IPPCCE (International Project on Paleolimnology and Late Cenozoic Climate) have been published.

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