8 Best Tingle Tanning Lotions in 2021

Man Getting His Tan On

Any avid user of tanning lotions knows that a tingle tanner gives you better results. Sure, this type of lotion can sting a little bit, but after about an hour, the skin goes back to normal, and you’re left with a much better-looking dark tan. A tingle tan lotion is mostly recommended for experienced tanners … Read more

7 Best Black Hair Dye in 2021

Black Hair Woman Beautiful Hairstyle Portrait

When it comes to at-home hair dyes getting the perfect black color is a challenge. Black hair dye can look patchy and muted. There’s nothing more disappointing than ending up with a faded look, when all you really want is rich, deep black color. Choosing the perfect shade of black involves some planning. First, you … Read more

8 Best Gradual Self Tanners in 2021

Beautiful Woman Tanning On The Pool

We have to admit, having a year-round bronzed glow is very satisfying. But honestly, we don’t all have the time to go tanning at the salon. Most of us also avoid sitting at the beach for hours to get a tan. Many women are especially concerned about sun damage and prefer sun protection over a … Read more

7 Best Alcohol-Free Hairsprays in 2021

Hairdresser Styling Woman's Hair

Every woman probably uses hairspray, at least once in a while, because it is a dry styling product that can make any hairstyle look better and last longer. When it comes to hairspray, it’s hard to find an excellent alcohol-free formula that actually works! The reason for this is that alcohol helps hold the hair … Read more

10 Best Tanning Sunscreen in 2021

There is a difference between sunscreen made for tanning and protective sunscreen that protects you from the sun’s UV rays. Tanners should be very careful to use the correct amount of sunscreen to avoid painful sunburns and long term skin damage. A good sunscreen will help protect you from the sun’s rays and ensure you … Read more

10 Best Red Hair Dye in 2021

Red is one of those colors that has so many varieties. You can choose a shade of auburn, or burgundy red, ruby, or even blood red. All of these various colors are classified under the umbrella term known as ‘red hair color.’ So, if you are tired of your old color and want a new … Read more

8 Best Indoor Tanning Lotion in 2021

Most tanners prefer indoor tanning because it’s reliable and gives visible results after each session. If you have to tan outdoors, you’re totally dependent on the weather and sunshine. As well, you won’t be able to control the shade of your tan, and it will take longer to achieve the desired results. The best option … Read more

8 Best Hair Relaxers in 2021

Turning curly hair into sleek and straight is a daunting task. The most obvious option is to use a flat iron or blow drier on a daily bases, sometimes for an hour a day. Then there’s the option to get semi-permanent or keratin treatments at the salon, but that can be expensive. Now, don’t you … Read more

9 Best Blue Black Hair Dye in 2021

If you love dark hair, but want more than the generic black or dark brown, consider the trendiest dark hair color: blue-black. This vibrant dark color is a combination of black hair color with rich blue tints. Upkeep for this hair color can be expensive at the salon because the color requires constant maintenance. That’s … Read more

10 Best Purple Hair Dye in 2021

If you’re bored of basic hair colors, and you want to stand out, then colors like burgundy or purple might be the perfect color for you. Purple looks elegant, unique, and it’s super trendy. This color is for women looking for a fresh look. Purple comes in many shades such as violet, lilac, and even … Read more