6 Best Grey Hair Dye in 2021

girl with grey hair

If you’ve been on social media lately, you must’ve seen the icy grey hair dye trend. Celebs and influencers are inspiring so many women to try this hair color. Grey is usually associated with older ladies, but it’s such a gorgeous color when done right; it suits all ages. More and more women are letting … Read more

8 Best Copper Hair Dye in 2021

There are so many metallic colors, but few have the wearable quality of copper. This metallic shade is the type of hair color that glimmers and glistens under light. It looks so bold and beautiful; it’s not surprising that so many women opt for it. Besides, it’s the ideal mix between auburn, red, and golden hair. If … Read more

6 Best Brown Hair Dye in 2021

Every now and then, you’ll hear brown hair described as ‘boring.’ For some reason, brunette hues are getting an undeserved bad rap. In reality, brown is such a classy and timeless hair color. Once you delve into the world of brown hair colors, you’ll discover a large variety of beautiful tones and colors that are … Read more

7 Best Blue Hair Dye in 2021

girl with blue hair

When it comes to versatile hair color, blue is right there at the top of the list. With so many shade options, it’s not hard to find one that looks amazing. As you walk down the street, there’s no way your blue hair isn’t going to attract attention. After all, it’s such a vibrant and … Read more

7 Best Blonde Hair Dyes in 2021

girl with blonde hair

Blonde is one of those colors that’s always on-trend during all seasons. Since so many women choose blonde as their favorite color, I think blondes really DO have more fun! With so many shades available, it’s hard to choose the perfect shade. Have you ever tried to pick the perfect color only to realize there … Read more

6 Best Auburn Hair Dye in 2021

Girl with auburn hair holding flowers

If you’ve ever seen old Hollywood movies, you’ve probably noticed that many actresses had a gorgeous reddish-brown hair color. This type of color was wildly popular from the 30s onwards, and it’s still trendy nowadays. Therefore, if you want to get gorgeous reddish-brown color, I suggest you try it because there’s nothing classier than a … Read more

How To Dye And Color Your Hair At Home

Young woman coloring hair with brush

Deciding to dye your hair is exciting; a new look or style is a sure fire way to lift your mood and confidence. Over the past year many of us have resorted to home dying. Think of it like playing hairdresser with yourself – it’s a fun experiment. However, when it comes to self-dying there … Read more

5 Best Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye in 2021

Girl with strawberry blonde hair

There is something so alluring about a shimmery strawberry blonde color. The golden-red shade is perfect for anyone looking for a new hybrid color. It’s so easy to grow tired of the same old platinum or yellow-toned blonde. But switching to a deep red is also a big commitment. So, that’s where strawberry blonde comes … Read more

8 Best Mousse for Fine Hair in 2021

Girl with beautiful hair

If you have fine hair, you know the struggle is real when it comes to getting volume. Even on the best of hair days, your hair still looks limp, flat, and lifeless. So, choosing what products to put in it is tough – you don’t want to over-style and cause damage. Read on to see … Read more

7 Best Toners for Brassy Hair in 2021

Beautiful Girl With Long Hair

Every time you color your hair, you probably face the same problem: brassiness starts to take away from the beautiful color, and it is no longer the shade you desire! It is a hassle to fight and prevent brassy color in your hair. It is definitely a nightmare when you lighten your hair, and it … Read more