How To Prevent Brassy Hair

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All of those who have colored their hair blonde will know the struggle of brassy hair. A few weeks after leaving the studio you may notice that your hair isn’t the same shade as it was before, perhaps it’s now got orange, yellow or red undertones to it. Realizing this is frustrating to say the least!

But, why does this happen? Brassiness tends to show up when darker hair is dyed blonde or platinum blonde. When the darker hair is bleached, sometimes the bleach doesn’t remove all of the original hair pigment and this results in the older and warmer colors becoming visible. This is annoying, but easily fixable! Here are the best ways to prevent brassy hair.

Get A Toner

Toners can be an absolute lifesaver when it comes to keeping your bleached hair blonde. Tones are a translucent deposit of hair color, which fades in a matter of weeks, these are great for short-term hair color alterations. However, these are also great for fixing any brassy tones too. Toning can get rid of any yellow or orange colors that are in your hair as the solution contains enough pigment to correct color. Toners also improve shine, so this will give your hair an extra boost in the process. When using toners, always remember that they’re demi-permanent colors, meaning that they only give temporary results. Read our guide on the best toners for brassy hair to see what we recommend.

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Wash Hair Less

This may seem a little odd to some, but a trick to keeping hair blonde is washing it less. Depending on what shampoos and conditioners you use, these can end up washing the color out as the hair is constantly being exposed to harsh chemicals. The more the hair is exposed, the more the original color pigments will show. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t wash hair at all! Just be mindful of how often you do wash and don’t be excessive if trying to maintain a cool blonde color. 

Cold Water Washes

In addition to washing your hair less, opt for some cold water washes too. This may disrupt your cozy hot shower routine, but washing hair with cold water can do it a world of good. Cold water helps to preserve and dye colors as it seals hair follicles, this also prevents frizz and promotes natural shine too – leaving hair looking refreshed and new over time.

Change Up Your Hair Oil Routine

Unsurprisingly, hair oils that are yellow or orange can eventually turn your hairs that color. Alright, they don’t dramatically change the color, but when you have bleached hair it can be easy to notice a slight tint. If you want to replace these oils with an alternative, opt for coconut oil or pure argan oil. These are better as they’re clear in color, so they can help seal in moisture without adding a brassy tint.

Use The Right Permanent Color

When selecting colors, it can often be easy to get the first box and go, however take time when selecting and make sure that you get the right one for your natural color. Cooler hair colors often have ‘ash’ in the name or description, these are less likely to turn brassy than warmer options – this may be better if you’re dying a darker hair base. The rule of thumb is to opt for colors with a mix of cool tones, however if you’re unsure always research or book in with a colorist!

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Avoid The Pool

This step may seem odd, but it turns out that having a dip in the pool can wreak havoc on your blonde locks. Chlorine in swimming pools can dry hair out, leaving the hair duller and open to damage. When hair is vulnerable and damaged, the color is less secure and can bleed out – leaving you with those yellow and orange brassy tones. Luckily, there are many shampoos and conditioners out there that actually offer chlorine protection, so opt for these if you often go for a swim.

Buy A Shower Filter

Sometimes water can have large amounts of mineral deposits in it (including chlorine and iron), and these can also end up drying out your hair. Like the pool situation, this can leave your hair damaged and the brassy tones can end up showing. Not to worry though! Shower filters can half the amount of excess minerals in the water, this will keep hair healthier and color will stay in much longer. Shower filters are great for keeping hair softer too.