How To Get Rid of Ingrown Hair

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If you have curly or thick hair, you have probably experienced ingrown hair in your body. For anyone who doesn’t know, ingrown hair is when a hair grows underneath the skin. The most usual is the growth of ingrown hair in the legs, as it is the most pillar spot of the body and usually shows up after waxing, shaving, or tweezing your leg.

No one can deny the fact that ingrown hair is more than annoying, as it tends to be painful, itchy, and irritating. It is a condition that you usually doesn’t need to be concerned about, as it is quite normal for many people. For some, it is actually a phenomenon that happens regularly.

However, it is possible the for the ingrown hair to become chronic which can start causing infections or permanent scars. That’s why it is better to treat the condition. There are many ways to relieve yourself the painful of ingrown hair.

Some of the ways are:


Exfoliation is an underrated way of taking care of the skin. It not only helps keep your skin smooth and radiant, but it can also prevent the creation of an ingrown hair. When the skin is clogged from the dead cells, the hair can’t find the way out for the surface and returns back inside. Exfoliation relieves this problem by getting rid of the dead cells, which keep your skin healthy. Try to use a quality exfoliation body scrub two or three times per week, and the reduction of the irritating hair will be visible.

Use the right razor for your skin

There are specific razors suitable for each skin type. When you experience problems with ingrown hair,  then it could be your razor that is causing the problem. Try to avoid cheap razors and one uses blades, as it increases the damage to your skin and can strengthen the hair. For preventing ingrown hair, your razor should slide smoothly on your skin. If the razor’s quality is poor, then the hair can be caught onto it and be pushed underneath the skin. Don’t forget to shave in the direction of the sharp blade.

Use aftershave cream

There is a perception that aftershave creams are only for the face! But why? Every part of the skin needs care and hydration, especially after a maltreatment. You can find creams that are specific for the restraint of the ingrown hair. Aftershave creams keep the skin pores unclogged and help the skin breathe. As a result, it is easier for the hair to come out onto the surface and grow naturally.

Don’t forget the shaving cream or gel

Shaving creams and gels add moisture to the skin and prevent the rubbing of the razor as it glides over the surface of your skin. Shaving on dry skin can cause irritation, red marks, and burnings, leading to many skin issues, such as ingrown hair. 

Avoid shaving

Shaving and blades are the biggest factors of the ingrown hair. Fortunately, there are many other ways to get rid of your hair, like hair removal creams and waxing. Don’t trigger your hair, try to be smooth and kind with them. Hair removal creams are a gentle way of removing the hair from your legs, without making them more durable. Razors cut the hair, and make their edges sharper. When the tip is sharp, it can easily stay and grow inside the skin and not follow the correct direction. Waxing is also a straight way to pull the hair out without leaving residues underneath the skin.

These are some ways to prevent the ingrown hair! But what can you do if you are already struggling with some of them?

Keep your hands down.

Never try to extract an ingrown hair with your fingers! It is possible to introduce bacteria to your skin and cause serious infections. Your attempt to squeeze the hair out can create a wound and lead to a scar.

Be patient

Give it some time, most times ingrown can naturally disappear. You can speed up the process by wearing light clothing that do not cause friction to the skin.

Keep the ingrown area clean.

If you want to get rid of the ingrown hair quickly from your skin, keep the area clean. Use gentle soap or gel and always rinse it with warm water. The water, combined with the soap, will soften the area and help the hair come out on the surface by itself.

Use ingrown hair serum for legs

Ingrown hair serums moisturize the skin and prevent the irritation and the pain. Moreover, the natural ingredients of the serum, also target the ingrown area and can soften it to ward off the ugly internal hair quicker and painlessly.

Tweeze them out

You can speed up the healing process by pulling out the hair with a clean and sterile tweezer. Don’t be harsh with it though, you don’t want to cause an infection. With extreme care, pull it straight to the surface and then out! Remember; never use this technique if the hair is deep inside the skin, because you ‘ll more likely to make it worse. If you are afraid of pulling the hair out of your skin, you can just dislodge it which can help it to grow straight out.

No one wants to deal with ingrown hair, but unfortunately, it is quite common amongst both men and women. Legs are not the only part of the body that can have ingrown hairs, which can cause irritation, redness, and even pain. Follow the steps mentioned above and if you’re able to, otherwise consult your doctor for further advice.