How To Dye And Color Your Hair At Home

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Deciding to dye your hair is exciting; a new look or style is a sure fire way to lift your mood and confidence. Over the past year many of us have resorted to home dying. Think of it like playing hairdresser with yourself – it’s a fun experiment. However, when it comes to self-dying there are many mishaps waiting to happen. Streaky hair is fashionable when done on purpose – not by accident. Don’t worry though, here’s the best way to make sure your new locks and vibrant and equal.

applying hair dye on hair

Remember To Research

First of all, make sure you’ve bought the right kind of hair dye. I can’t stress how important this is – there is a difference between semi-permanent and permanent. You don’t want to be wondering why your color has (or hasn’t) faded after a few washes. Also, it’s always recommended that you test the dye on a strip of hair before you go all in. This may seem tedious, but you’d rather realize that your skin reacts to it before you smother your scalp in it!

Another important thing to check before dying is how much product you’ve got. This may seem obvious, but if you have long hair you may need more than one box of dye (two are usually needed for full coverage of medium to long hair). Covering half your head and realizing you’ve run out will make for an interesting look.

Getting Down To It

Once you’ve checked and double-checked again the products are right, it’s time to start the process. It’s recommended that you dye on dry hair, and even better if the hair is a day or two old. This helps the dye absorb better, creating a vivid color. Before you go to cover your hair, make sure to brush it and part it into easy sections. Try sectioning the hair into two fronts and two backs.

Make sure you evenly cover the scalp and get to all the roots, check with a friend to make sure every part at the back is covered – I find this the best way! Cover the hair all the day down to the tips, but try not to do the ends first as these take color really easily. That means if you’re only touching up your roots it’s always best to not re-dye the whole head of hair – you can easily end up with a different color at the top!

Now chill out. Wait for the amount of time needed (always check your instructions, it can vary from dye to dye), maybe watch an episode of your favorite film or perhaps read a book – whatever floats your boat. Try not to tie your hair up though, yes, hair with dye in is annoying, but this can cause an uneven color.

When the chill time is up, give the hair a good wash until the water runs clear. This also may seem like it’s taking a while, but all good things take time! Better to wash it for longer than to wake up with dye on your pillow. There are no shortcuts when it comes to great color. Use the conditioner from the dye box to close the hair’s follicles. If skipped, the color has the potential to keep developing and could turn out darker than you were expecting. Plus, it keeps your hair soft – no harm there.

Extra Tips

Toner can be a lifesaver for dyed hair; it’s like the final step in the coloring process. It can keep blonds from going too yellow – it can be especially crucial if you’ve bleached your hair. Toners can be used in your usual shower routine once a week to keep your new color topped up. Bonus points if you opt for a sulphate-free shampoo; these don’t strip the color and will extend the vibrancy of the dye.

If you are worried that the dye has dried your hair out, make sure you purchase a hair mask or deep conditioner treatment. Hair dye can dry out hair, but it doesn’t happen as often as you’d expect. Just remain on top of your hair care routine with moisture locking products are you’ll be fine!

For anyone who has gone for red dye, once you’ve dyed it try not to wash it for 48 hours to let the dye lock in. With the color red, it can fade from optimum color quite quickly, so try to only wash hair up to three times a week to prevent it from fading. It’s also suggested that you wash it with cooler water, as hot water can open the follicles and also fade it – but it’s up to you.

Show Off Your New Looks

Though it seems like there’s many steps and things to remember, dying your hair is absolutely worth the effort. Like riding a bike, once you get started you’ll remember what you’re doing. So, go forth and impress your mates with your new hair!