6 Best Lavender Hair Dye in 2021

girl with lavendar hair

Lavender is the IT edgy color of the last couple of years, and it’s not surprising. It’s a gorgeous shade of purple, and it’s definitely a fun, playful color. Lavender is a combination of two of the most colorful and attractive colors: purple and blue. Without a doubt, it’s a statement hair color for women … Read more

4 Best White Hair Dye in 2021

girl with white hair scaled

Imagine luscious locks that shimmer like snow. The white hair trend is not so new, but it’s the perfect winter-inspired hue for those of you looking for a hair color upgrade. White hair looks stunning, but it takes a lot of work to get that perfect shade of white, especially if you have to do … Read more

7 Best Silver Hair Dye in 2021

girl with silver hair playing with sand scaled

The silver hair trend is skyrocketing this year because so many women are finally moving away from ‘traditional’ hair colors towards something more playful and exciting. Silver hair is not just for older ladies. In fact, it’s a great color for women of all ages because it’s chic, sexy, and fun. If you’ve ever attempted … Read more

7 Best Pink Hair Dye in 2021

girl with pink hair looking at camera

Pink hair is fun all year round, regardless of the season! It’s one of those colors that make you stand out from afar. Besides, pink is associated with love and romance, and by embracing pink hair, you’re letting the world know that you’re all about that self-care and self-love lifestyle. If you feel like your … Read more

7 Best Henna Hair Dye in 2021

model with henna hiar scaled

Have you ever dyed your hair only to notice it’s become dry, brittle, and breaks easily? There are many risk factors when you use boxed dyes full of chemicals. It’s no wonder women are always looking for healthier, more natural coloring products. If you’re afraid of using hair dyes that are full of chemicals, henna … Read more

6 Best Grey Hair Dye in 2021

girl with grey hair sitting

If you’ve been on social media lately, you must’ve seen the icy grey hair dye trend. Celebs and influencers are inspiring so many women to try this hair color. Grey is usually associated with older ladies, but it’s such a gorgeous color when done right; it suits all ages. More and more women are letting … Read more

8 Best Copper Hair Dye in 2021

Girl with copper hair

There are so many metallic colors, but few have the wearable quality of copper. This metallic shade is the type of hair color that glimmers and glistens under light. It looks so bold and beautiful; it’s not surprising that so many women opt for it. Besides, it’s the ideal mix between auburn, red, and golden … Read more

6 Best Brown Hair Dye in 2021

girl with brown hair looking forward

Every now and then, you’ll hear brown hair described as ‘boring.’ For some reason, brunette hues are getting an undeserved bad rap. In reality, brown is such a classy and timeless hair color. Once you delve into the world of brown hair colors, you’ll discover a large variety of beautiful tones and colors that are … Read more

7 Best Blue Hair Dye in 2021

girl with blue hair

When it comes to versatile hair color, blue is right there at the top of the list. With so many shade options, it’s not hard to find one that looks amazing. As you walk down the street, there’s no way your blue hair isn’t going to attract attention. After all, it’s such a vibrant and … Read more