How To Prevent Brassy Hair

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All of those who have colored their hair blonde will know the struggle of brassy hair. A few weeks after leaving the studio you may notice that your hair isn’t the same shade as it was before, perhaps it’s now got orange, yellow or red undertones to it. Realizing this is frustrating to say the … Read more

8 Best Mousse for Fine Hair in 2021

Girl with beautiful hair

If you have fine hair, you know the struggle is real when it comes to getting volume. Even on the best of hair days, your hair still looks limp, flat, and lifeless. So, choosing what products to put in it is tough – you don’t want to over-style and cause damage. Read on to see … Read more

7 Best Toners for Brassy Hair in 2021

Beautiful Girl With Long Hair

Every time you color your hair, you probably face the same problem: brassiness starts to take away from the beautiful color, and it is no longer the shade you desire! It is a hassle to fight and prevent brassy color in your hair. It is definitely a nightmare when you lighten your hair, and it … Read more