4 Best White Hair Dye in 2022

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Imagine luscious locks that shimmer like snow. The white hair trend is not so new, but it’s the perfect winter-inspired hue for those of you looking for a hair color upgrade.

White hair looks stunning, but it takes a lot of work to get that perfect shade of white, especially if you have to do it yourself. It’s not going to be an overnight process, as you need to really lighten the hair beforehand. Therefore, be prepared to do multiple bleaching sessions at home.

When I talk about white hair, I don’t mean the white/grey hair that comes with aging, but instead, a beautiful snowy hue that’s very popular among celebrities and influencers. It’s a new take on light grey and platinum because it has a more cream-colored appearance.

Check out our list of the best white hair dyes to use at home.

Best White Hair Dye Kits To Use At Home

Garnier Hair Color Nutrisse Ultra Color Nourishing Hair Color Creme, Mascarpone Creme

Garnier Hair Color Nutrisse Ultra Color Nourishing Hair Color Creme

When you think of mascarpone, the first that comes to mind is a creamy off-white shade. Well, this Garnier dye gives you white hair with reflective silver shimmers, so the hair glistens like snow. This kit helps you lighten the hair and is considered the lightest shade of platinum. Therefore, it’s the perfect type of affordable white hair dye. And because it’s Garnier, it’s a well-respected brand with good products.

The good news is that this color works even if you have a dark base. This nourishing cream product is far less damaging than other white dyes because it contains a mixture of three hydrating oils, including avocado, shea, and olive. Additionally, the kit comes with a fortifying anti-brass conditioner that removes any brassy undertones.

Pro: This color is less damaging than other formulas and adds a lot of shine.

Con: It doesn’t cover greys.

Vivitone Permanent Cream Color (109HL Ultra White)

Vivitone Permanent Cream Color

If you’re on the hunt for a white dye that also covers greys, this Italian formula is perfect. The ultra-white shade is ideal for that light platinum aesthetic. This is a permanent dye formula, so it lasts for up to six to eight weeks. And since it covers those greys, you don’t have to use a separate product for roots.

The formula is very nourishing, hydrating, and gentle on the hair, so you don’t end up with brittle and broken hair due to coloring with this product. This unique formula contains a blend of keratin and sunflower extract to make hair stronger and resistant to breakage. As well, aloe vera soothes the scalp. Thus, you don’t feel that itchy feeling you usually get when using chemical dyes.

Pro: This affordable hair dye rejuvenates the hair and adds strength and moisture.

Con: You need to mix the dye with peroxide, which is not included in the dye kit.

Wenjuan White Permanent Hair Pigment Color Cream Unisex Long Lasting Hair Color (A)

White Permanent Hair Pigment Color Cream Unisex Long Lasting Hair Color

This unisex dye delivers intense color pigments, so the white is ACTUALLY white. The formula is very long-lasting and easy to use. The kit comes with a cream dye formula, peroxide, and an applicator brush, which lets you comb through the hair for even application. When you apply it to lightened and bleached hair, it only takes about 20 to 40 minutes to get an intense hue.

This color doesn’t look dull or washed out, and instead, it has a multidimensional look to it because it has a high shine factor. For the best results, make sure to apply the conditioner within a maximum of 10 minutes after dyeing your hair. It helps prevent hair damage and makes the color look more vibrant.

Pro: This dye gives a pigmented white hue and has a pretty good lasting power.

Con: It irritates the scalp and may cause itchiness and a tingling sensation.

Temporary Color: Jerome Russell B WILD Temporary Hair Color Aerosol Spray, Vibrant Chalk Colors (Stylist Kit) Haircolor Dye Hairspray (Siberian White)

Jerome Russell B WILD Temporary Hair Color Aerosol Spray

Are you looking to experiment with white hair? Then, a temporary colored hairspray is the best way to try out the trend before you commit. This shimmery Siberian white hair chalk spray adds lots of white pigment to your hair. It’s a temporary spray meant for cosplay and special events, so it washes out with water after a few hours or a day. But, it’s a fun way to add all-over color or experiment with white highlights.

This hairspray comes with a pintail comb to help you apply the product in strips, so it looks even. The formula comes in an aerosol form, so all you have to do is hold the can at a small distance from your hair and spray it on. Since it’s so easy to use, it’s suitable for everyone and doesn’t require any special application skills.

Pro: This washes off with the first shampoo, so it’s a great way to get white hair for a special occasion.

Con: The product is very thick, so you must you the comb to avoid clumping.

Tips for Dyeing your Hair White

  • Before you begin, keep in mind that white hair is the easiest to achieve if your hair is already bleached or you have virgin hair that’s free from other dyes.
  • Start by bleaching your hair in sections because this ensures that the hair is bleached properly in all areas. If you skip this step, your new white color will be very patchy.
  • Tone your hair to neutralize any brassy and yellow melanin in your hair strands. Toning makes the white look its brightest.
  • White hair color fades rather quickly, so it’s best to tone often to prevent other yellow pigments from coming through and ruining your color.
  • Before you apply the white dye, make sure the hair is a super pale blonde. You don’t need to decolor your hair entirely for white dye, or you risk completely damaging the hair. It takes a long time for hair to heal, so be careful!