5 Best Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye in 2021

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There is something so alluring about a shimmery strawberry blonde color. The golden-red shade is perfect for anyone looking for a new hybrid color. It’s so easy to grow tired of the same old platinum or yellow-toned blonde. But switching to a deep red is also a big commitment. So, that’s where strawberry blonde comes in – it’s an in-between shade with beautiful highlights.

There are many strawberry hair dyes on Amazon, so we’ve compiled a list of the best to help you achieve this trendy look without breaking the bank at a salon.

What is strawberry blonde hair color?

This hair color is a combination of a blonde and a light coppery red. It is a soft type of color that shimmers in the light. With this hair color, it’s all about adding a reddish tone to your blonde hair. It is a versatile color, and it can be brightened or tuned down depending on your skin tone.

If you are a brunette, you’ll need to use a bleaching cream to pre-lighten your hair before going for this hair look.

The strawberry blonde is very similar to the rose gold hair trend, but instead of pink, it has a red or auburn tone. Rose gold is more of a natural-looking strawberry blonde suited for people with darker skin tones. On the other hand, strawberry blonde is a warmer golden shade of red. It suits people with pale skin and a light eye color most. But, it’s such a fun color everyone can experiment with it.

Best Strawberry Blonde Hair Dyes

Best Overall: Clairol Nice’n Easy Permanent Hair Color

Clairol Nicen Easy Permanent Hair Color 8r Medium Reddish Blonde

With this dye, you get a golden-red luscious and vibrant color. It is a natural-looking color that offers up to 100% grey coverage. Therefore, it’s an excellent option, even if your roots are full of greys.

We’ve selected this dye as our top pick because it is a great overall dye at an affordable price. It gives the best results on dark blonde hair because it produces orange-red tinted highlights to produce that strawberry effect that shimmers.

This formula gives your hair three complementary highlights and lowlights for multi-dimensional color. Since Clairol uses ColorBlend technology, the combination of tones creates a natural color, so you get a beautiful honey-auburn shade.


  • Affordable
  • The color is shimmery and vibrant
  • Delivers 3 salon tones
  • Offers up to 100% grey coverage
  • Comes with CC ColorSeal conditioner, so your hair doesn’t dry out
  • Permanent color that lasts for at least eight weeks


  • Contains ammonia

Best Light Strawberry Blonde: L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference Fade-Defying + Shine Permanent Hair Color

Loreal Paris Superior Preference Fade Defying Shine Permanent Hair Color 9gr Light Golden Reddish Blonde

This color is a lighter version of the deep blonde strawberry shade. It’s more subtle and on the orange side. It’s perfect if you’re not sure the warm tone is the right look for your skin tone yet still want to try this color trend.

The L’Oreal formula offers silky and shiny hair that’s soft to the touch. It is infused with a shine serum for luscious locks. Since it’s a permanent dye, the color stays vibrant for up to eight weeks without fading and discoloration.

This formula is very nourishing and doesn’t cause breakage and dryness like many other similar products. It contains golden camelina oil, vitamin E, and antioxidants to keep hair healthy-looking.


  • Subtle but multi-dimensional color
  • Contains a UV filter to prevent fading and sun damage
  • Luminous and shiny color
  • Blends away grey hair
  • Easy to apply liquid gel formula


  • Can turn orange on some base colors
  • Can burn the scalp if you exceed the coloring time

Best Toner with Color: Schwarzkopf Professional Blond Me Blonde Toning

Schwarzkopf Professional Blond Me Blonde Toning New Version 2.1 Oz Includes Sleek Tint Brush Strawberry

If your hair is already a light blonde or you’ve just lightened it, then all you need to do to get the strawberry look is use a good toner. It works well on base color 9 or lighter. This Schwarzkopf blonde toner infuses hair with a strawberry pastel color. So, it’s not quite a dye, but similar to a coloring toning shampoo.

It enhances and neutralizes the other tones, leaving you with a light reddish blonde. The formula is low in ammonia but contains just enough to infuse the hair strands with pigment. So, it’s not damaging and doesn’t irritate the scalp.

A major advantage of using this product is that it comes with an easy applicator. The sleek tint brush makes it very quick and easy to distribute the product evenly by combing it through the strands. If you use it frequently, you can prevent the strawberry color from washout, so hair looks its best.


  • A lovely strawberry reddish hue
  • Has an easy to use combing brush applicator
  • Can be used on lightened and highlighted hair immediately
  • The pastel tones in this range are mixable so that you can create a custom color
  • Doesn’t damage the hair


  • Contains ammonia
  • You need to use a developer

Best For Mature Hair: Agebeautiful Liqui-Creme 9Rc Light Strawberry Blonde

Agebeautiful Liqui Creme 9rc Light Strawberry Blonde

This hair dye is the best choice for older ladies with lots of grey hair. The formula is specifically formulated to give amazing grey coverage from root to tip. It is easy to apply; simply mix the cream with a developer and watch your new color come to life.

This product is not just a dye because it does more than that. It acts as a hair treatment designed to fight hair’s five major signs of aging. As the hair ages, it looks dull, flat, and dry.  But, this type of product can help reverse the signs and keep hair looking youthful for longer. The strawberry blonde shade is excellent because it is vibrant and shiny, so hair never looks dull and lifeless.

Agebeautiful professional dye has a nourishing formula. It contains keratin, biotin, melanin, silk protein, and conditioners that restore hair with all the essential components that are usually lost as hair ages. The formula absorbs into the hair quickly, which means you will get a highly pigmented blonde color.


  • Offers 100% grey coverage
  • Contains nourishing ingredients
  • Fights the signs of aging
  • Vibrant and fade-resistant color
  • Easy to use liquid-crème formula
  • Makes hair shiny and silky soft


  • Need to use this dye with a developer

Best Shimmering Color: L’Oreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Color Dark Iridescent Blonde

Loreal Paris Feria Multi Faceted Shimmering Color Dark Iridescent Blonde

This iridescent dye from L’Oreal is perfect if you want shiny and sleek hair. The Feria range offers shiny and vibrant colors that are always on-trend. The formula contains three times the highlights for a multi-dimensional hair. So, if you’re tired of dull, boring hair colors, try this multi-faceted strawberry shade.

This hair dye’s advantage is that it doesn’t destroy your hair because it is gentle and has conditioning properties. The dye kit contains a serum that infuses your locks with nourishing ingredients. It hydrates your locks even weeks after you color it, so you’re not left with dry and brittle hair.

The manufacturer recommends using this color only on blonde or lightened hair for the best results. Customers rave that this is such a great formula because the color doesn’t look artificial. Instead, it looks very reflective in the light.


  • Color doesn’t look too artificial
  • Perfect strawberry blonde shade when applied to blonde hair
  • Affordable
  • Makes hair very shiny
  • Contains 3 times the highlights for multi-faceted color
  • Doesn’t dry out the hair


  • Can have a violet tint at the roots on some base colors

Best Natural and Vegan Color: dpHUE Gloss+ – Color-Boosting Semi-Permanent Hair Dye & Deep Conditioner

Dphue Gloss Strawberry 6.5 Oz Color Boosting Semi Permanent Hair Dye Deep Conditioner Enhance Deepen Natural Or Color Treated Hair

It’s hard to find a great natural and vegan hair dye, especially in the strawberry blonde shade. But, dpHUE has nailed this color and formula with this semi-permanent dye. This is a premium quality dye because it’s a 2-in-1 product. It acts as a dye and a deep conditioner, which makes your hair look healthy, shiny, and vibrant.

A 2-in-1 product like this is designed to enhance and deepen your natural or colored hair by depositing more color. It doesn’t cover greys or change the color dramatically. Instead, it gives blonde and light brown hair a beautiful orange-reddish tint.

This natural, vegan, and gluten-free formula is very easy to apply as it doesn’t require mixing. It is also ammonia-free; therefore, you can feel safe using it because it is free from harsh chemicals. Even though it’s a natural color, it doesn’t compromise on pigment. The color is a beautiful auburn golden blonde with a super glossy finish.


  • Dye and conditioner combination nourishes the hair follicles
  • Natural, vegan, and chemical-free
  • Ammonia-free
  • Semi-permanent
  • Beautiful glossy strawberry shade
  • Easy to use and no mixing required


  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t cover greys

How to Get the Best Strawberry Blonde Color

The truth is that since there are so many shades and tones that fall under the ‘strawberry blonde’ color, there isn’t just one perfect shade. In fact, there are many similar colors, and they all look different in your hair, depending on your skin tone.

It’s easiest to achieve this color if you have a light blonde natural color. Some color deposition shampoo or one box of our top dyes will do the trick in that case.

If you are a natural redhead, it is easy to get this color. All you have to do is get a balayage with a golden blonde or choose multi-tonal blonde highlights. This will allow your natural reddish locks to combine with the blonde, thus creating the strawberry color.

The struggle is real if you have dark brown or black hair color. In that case, you need to lighten your hair with bleach and then deposit the new color on top. Otherwise, you won’t achieve this reddish blonde color. If you want to make hair a darker strawberry, simply leave some strands of your natural hair uncolored.

What to look out for

If you already have colored hair, it is trickier to get the strawberry shade right. When you apply the new dye, it may look patchy, uneven, and even stripey! Also, you can end up with hot roots. To avoid something like this from happening, it’s best to lighten and decolor your hair first. But, keep in mind that it can damage your hair and cause dryness.

Expert hair colorists recommend that you don’t try to go more than two shades lighter at once. You don’t want to risk over-processing your hair because then you just won’t end up with the strawberry shade.

How to maintain the strawberry blonde color

Here are a few simple tricks to keep your color looking fresh and shiny.

  • Don’t wash your hair for a couple of days after you color it; this prevents color washout.
  • Try to rinse your hair with cool water and leave out the shampoo if you really need to get rid of greasy roots.
  • Red hair color pigments are made of larger molecules, so the color doesn’t stick to the hair so well, that’s why the best solution is to reduce your hair washing.
  • Use a color-protecting dry shampoo.
  • Use a strawberry blonde toner to maintain the color.
  • Always use a shampoo and conditioner formulated for blonde colored hair.
  • Limit heat styling.
  • Use a heat protector spray even if you are not directly exposed to the sun.


Trends come and go, but this reddish shade of blonde never goes out of style. The reason is that it’s such a natural-looking color. It’s effortless to achieve this look if you already have blonde hair, and since it’s so versatile, you can tailor the shade to match your skin tone. It’s easy to find the perfect shade as long as you try to match it with your skin tone and eye color. With the many dye options on Amazon, you can DIY this cute hair look today!