6 Best Rose Gold Hair Dye in 2022

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Without a doubt, the coolest new hair trend is rose gold hair. In fact, rose gold hair dye has been the surprise bestseller of 2020. It’s an elegant upgrade to pink hair, and because celebrities and influencers are joining the trend, it doesn’t look like this trend is going out of style.

Rose gold is not a new color, but celebs like Kylie Jenner and Lady Gaga have made it the new “it” color of the year. To get this look, hairstylists layer a pink bubblegum shade on top of blonde hair. The combination of pink and blonde creates a beautiful rose gold effect.

So, if this sounds like the color you want to try, keep reading to find out our top picks of rose gold color you can buy on Amazon.

How do you get the rose gold hair color?

First, it’s important to understand that rose gold is more of a hair enhancer than a specific dye color. The truth is that you need to have a light blonde hair color to be able to get the perfect rose gold shade. Brunettes need to bleach hair to a lighter blonde first and then layer the pink color on top. This can be a damaging dye process for your hair. Even if you are a blonde already, you may still need to apply a dye first.

In order to get those golden tones, hair should be a warmer blonde. When combined with the pink color, it creates a rose wine color. But, you should know that you can experiment and play around with this hair trend.

Rose gold is both a warm and cool tone, depending on the exact shade you choose. If you want a warm-toned gold, then your blond should be warm. If you want a cool-toned color, make sure your base is a platinum style blonde. Therefore, keep in mind that there isn’t just one rose gold shade. Instead, this is an umbrella term for pastel pink hair with golden undertones.

Best Rose Gold Hair Dyes Reviewed

Keracolor Clenditioner Color Depositing Conditioner Colorwash – Shade Rose Gold

Keracolor Clenditioner Color Depositing Conditioner Colorwash

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When it comes to DIY rose gold hair color, this Keracolor bestseller is one of the best options out there. It’s very different from a classic hair dye because it’s not a true dye, but a color wash.

The way this product works is that it needs to be applied after shampooing like a conditioner. While it conditions the hair, it deposits color and infuses hair strands with rose gold pigment. The best part about this type of coloring product is that it re-infuses your hair with color every time you wash it. Therefore, you can keep the rose gold for as long (or as little) as you like.

Expect bright, vibrant hues with this color wash. The formula also nourishes and keeps your hair clean and healthy, just like other conditioners. So, all you have to do is comb the product through the hair and make sure it is evenly saturated on the roots and length for even coverage.


  • A gluten-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free formula, so it doesn’t damage your hair like a classic dye.
  • Non-lather conditioner
  • Lasts 10-15 shampoos
  • Strengthens hair
  • Very vibrant and bright color
  • Low-foam but has enough cleansing power to keep hair clean


  • Expensive
  • Need several washes for great results

L’Oreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Permanent Hair Color, 822 Rose Gold

L’Oreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Permanent Hair Color

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L’Oreal is a reliable and well-trusted hair dye brand. Their easy to use at-home dye kits are affordable and high-quality. The Feria range is especially popular because of the unique color selection. So, it’s only normal that they released a beautiful muted rose gold shade to for blondes.

The rose gold shade is part of the Fashion Metallics collection, and the colors are vibrant, glossy, and shiny. It is more of a muted pink shade, so if you are looking for a light pastel type of rose gold shade, this is the perfect one.

This dye contains three times the regular dye highlights, so your hair color will shine in the light, which gives it that pretty 3D look. With this dye, you can go from a basic blonde to a gorgeous multi-tonal pink blonde. Since this is a permanent formula, the color lasts for up to eight weeks.


  • Easy to use liquid gel formula
  • Vibrant light pink and gold color, perfect if you want to try out the trend before committing.
  • Color is full of highlights and looks multi-dimensional in the light
  • Affordable
  • Has an iridescent effect
  • Doesn’t turn brassy


  • Doesn’t cover gray hair
  • Washes out easily

Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal Pearlesence Hair Color, 9.5-89, Pastel Candy

Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal Pearlesence Hair Color

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Schwarzkopf’s pearlescence formula is a range of pastel colors, perfect for a fun and trendy hair color change. This type of rose gold is a pastel color, and we recommend it for those looking for a brighter pink. This is a permanent color crème formula that delivers beautiful shiny looking hair. The Schwarzkopf brand is well-trusted for its great quality formulas, so the color result is accurate.

The formula is best for hair that is already light blonde because the pink and golden hues look more vibrant. Some dyes offer low pigment retention, but this formula is one of the best ones available because it gives very high pigment retention. Therefore, you can expect to get beautiful results.


  • Bold color with a pearly finish
  • Vibrant and metallic
  • Easy to use
  • Salon-grade quality
  • Reliable – you know you get a great looking color
  • Crème formula


  • The color washes out quickly

L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference Fade-Defying + Shine Permanent Hair Color, 7RB Dark Rose Blonde

L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference Fade-Defying + Shine Permanent Hair Color

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This is the perfect shade for women with a dark blonde or dirty blond hair color. It blends in beautifully to create multi-tonal rose gold hues. This is a great way to try the rose gold trend at such an affordable price before making a big color commitment.

The dye kit includes a gel formula hair dye and a supreme care conditioner that nourishes and moisturizes the hair strands. Therefore, hair is not as prone to damage and breakage. As well, the color is fade-resistant, which means you don’t have to keep re-dyeing your hair as often.

A major benefit of this product is that it also offers a little bit of gray hair coverage. One dose of dye covers up to 50% of grays. Therefore it’s less likely your grays will pop through the beautiful color. This is good news for women who only have a limited number of grays but still need coverage.


  • Offers up to 50% gray hair coverage
  • Fade-resistant color for up to 2 months
  • Easy to apply gel formula
  • Comes with a conditioner and shine serum
  • Dusky pink hue, perfect for darker blondes
  • Very affordable


  • Can turn orange or brassy, so you need to use a toner

Clairol Color Crave Semi-permanent Hair Color, Rose Gold

Clairol Color Crave Semi-permanent Hair Color

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The Clairol Color Crave range is an excellent semi-permanent range of hair dyes. The rose gold shade is pigmented and fade resistant for at least 15 washes. This dye is suitable for brunette, blonde, and bleached blonde hair. Therefore, it’s quite a versatile dye with a good color payoff.

This is a direct dye, and you don’t need to mix it before use. As well, you don’t need to apply to bleached hair only. The color stays bold and vibrant for 14 days, after which you should reapply to maintain the same level of vibrancy. But, since it is such an inexpensive dye, maintenance is easy and affordable.

If you want the boldest color, it’s best to use this color with Clairol’s bleach kit to prep the hair for intense color retention. You can get the boldest shade of rose gold after just 30 minutes, so this Clairol dye is perfect for on-the-go color. Also, it is a good option for beginners.


  • Very affordable
  • Shiny and bold color
  • Doesn’t dry out hair
  • Direct dye, there is no mixing required
  • Comes with a stylist brush for easy application
  • Truetone formula


  • Works best if you pre-lighten hair; otherwise, the color is less bright

MISEENSCENE Hello Bubble Hair Easy At-Home Color with Hair Ampoule for Hair Protection Vivid Color (Rose Gold)

MISEENSCENE Hello Bubble Hair Easy At-Home Color with Hair Ampoule for Hair Protection Vivid Color

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Not everyone likes the crème formula, and for those of you looking for something different, this Asian hair color product is a great way to get in on the rose gold trend. This product is a bubble foam hair color that works even on darker hair colors, such as light brunette.

The odorless formula doesn’t leave your bathroom smelling like harsh chemicals. As well, the formula is ammonia-free, so it doesn’t damage your hair or cause any breakage. So, if you want a great looking color that lasts for up to 30 days without fading, then this one is a good choice.


  • Affordable
  • Works on darker hair too, not just light blonde, but the color is a darker pink shade
  • Ammonia-free
  • An odorless formula, so it doesn’t irritate the skin and nose
  • Fade-resistant for up to 1 month


  • Still works best on light hair, or else the color is not quite the perfect rose gold shade

Buyer’s Guide: What to consider before buying into this trend

Does rose gold color fade quickly?

Most people consider the rose gold hair high maintenance. One of the biggest disadvantages to rose gold color is that it washes out very fast. After the first or second wash, the hair color begins to fade, and it goes lighter. Therefore, you need to use special conditioners to prevent this type of fading and keep the color looking its best for a more extended period.

How to care for rose gold hair

Here are five ways to take care of your hair and ensure that the beautiful color lasts longer.

  1. Wash less often – When you try a color like rose gold, it’s good to know that this type of shade tends to wash out. Rose gold is a pastel type of hue. Therefore the pigment is not as intense. So, the best tip is to wash your hair less often than usual. When your hair feels greasy, use a dry shampoo for a quick re-fresh and skip the shampoo. The less you wash, the longer your color is going to last.
  2. Use high-quality shampoo – A premium shampoo like the Redken color-protecting formulas help keep the color looking flawless. A good shampoo protects against washout and fading. Check to see if your hair dye comes with a shampoo and conditioner recommendation and use all three products to make the color last longer.
  3. Use Toner – Since rose gold is a blond shade, it’s best to use a toner product in-between coloring. A great toner eliminates brassiness and green tones that are common side effects of blonde hair dye. Toners help maintain the initial color for more vibrant-looking locks.
  4. Use Thermal Protectors – When you style your hair, it’s imperative to use the right heat protector products. If you skip this step, your hair will lose its shine, and the color will appear fainter. Most heated styling tools damage colored hair and cause dryness and breakage.
  5. Don’t go to the pool – If you go swimming in a pool, you will likely damage your gorgeous rose gold color. Chlorine causes damage and fading, and in some cases, it washes out all the color. Therefore, always use a swim cap if you go near the pool. After all, you don’t want to destroy your new hair color.


As you can tell, the rose gold hair trend is pretty high maintenance. But, once you find the perfect shade, it is worth the investment. It looks classy, vibrant, and very modern. It’s a gorgeous color to try when you’re feeling out of love with your blonde hair. It is a faint and subtle color that shines beautifully in natural light, so you’re sure to get a compliment!