10 Best Hair Bleach Products To Use At Home in 2022

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Lightening your hair has never been trendier. Many celebrities and influencers are showing off their platinum locks. If you want to go lighter without breaking the bank, you’ll be pleased to know you can DIY hair bleaching and lightening.

If you’re used to doing your hair color at home, you know the process. Once you get the hang of using boxed dyes to color your hair, you can definitely start to think about bleaching your hair at home. Bleaching is the easiest way to lighten hair and get luscious blonde locks. Alternatively, you can use a hair color remover too.

Most professional hair colorists recommend that you choose high-quality hair bleach products to avoid permanent hair damage. A good bleach gives you exceptional results because it’s a very powerful chemical substance. That’s why it’s best to proceed with caution and choose well-rated products on Amazon. This article will give our recommendations on the best hair bleaches you can buy online.

What is hair bleach, and what does it do?

Hair bleach is a chemical substance. It is a dyeing technique used in salons or at home to lighten hair color and achieve a platinum blonde. What bleaching actually does is that it strips your hair strands of their color (natural or dyed). Basically, you are decoloring or removing pigment from your hair.

Once the hair strand is stripped of its color, it lightens to a yellow or reddish tone. After multiple dyeing processes, the hair can look platinum blonde.

The length of the lightening process depends on your hair color. If you have a dark brown color, the hair will turn reddish-orange, then yellow, and only after a pale blonde shade. It can even require multiple bleaching sessions.

Unfortunately, bleach damages your hair no matter what you do. It’s important to follow instructions and care for the hair before and after using hair bleach to ensure your hair looks beautiful.

10 Best Bleach For Hair At Home

Best Maximum Strength Product: Schwarzkopf Professional Blond Me Premium Lift 9

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Schwarzkopf is a popular German hair product brand with some of the best hair dyes and bleaches on the market. Its bleach formula is ideal if you want icy or platinum blonde hair. This powder bleach is easy to use on all hair types, and it really does what it claims: it lifts and lightens.

Be prepared for instant results with this powerful bleach. It is very efficient because it gives you nine levels of lift, which is equal to nine shades lighter. This means you can go from brown to a gorgeous shade of blonde after just one bleach. You’ll also get a nice blue tint that gives your hair dimension. That’s all thanks to the strong and potent formula of the bleach. It is the strongest product on our top 10 list.


  • This product doesn’t have a strong scent, so you don’t have to struggle with the classic bleach smell, which is often irritating.
  • This bleach is effective without damaging your hair. It contains bonding additives to protect the hair, so you don’t end up with breakage or a brittle hair.
  • It is a great value product because it costs around $35 and gives salon results.


  • The powerful formula can irritate a sensitive scalp and cause a tingling or slight burning sensation.

We picked this bleach because it’s one of the most recommended products by stylists and customers alike!

Best Powder: L’Oreal Quick Blue Powder Bleach

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This is the powder bleach many of the leading salons use, but now you can get it on Amazon for your next DIY bleaching. This powder is the perfect formula for fast lightening as it lifts up to seven levels in a matter of minutes. The product claims to be extra-strength, which means it can lighten even the darkest hair with a volume-30 developer.

This product works in just 30 minutes if you want highlights, or you’re just looking to go a few shades lighter. It has a no-drip formula that’s easy to pack on and stays creamy for the whole application process. Customers rave about how easy it is to use this bleach for a quick hair color change.


  • This product works well to lighten hair by a few shades with a volume-20 developer.
  • The product has a light bleach scent, so it’s not ideal for women who are allergic to strong chemical smells.
  • This bleach activates very quickly, so you’ll be done in about half an hour.


  • The bleach can leave hair feeling brittle after use, so make sure to condition properly.
  • If you have black hair, it will take several applications to achieve a light blonde color.

This product made our list because it is popular for a good reason – it’s affordable, and it works!

Best Overall: Wella Blondor Multi Blonde Powder Lightener

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Consider this one the crème de la crème of hair bleach. It is a high efficacy product that offers outstanding salon-like results for a fraction of the price. Wella is one of the world’s leading hair product manufacturers. Its potent formula can be used with any of their developers for shiny and vibrant hair color.

The formula offers up to seven levels of lift without causing hair damage. Best of all, it works on all hair types, even pre-colored hair. The formula is special because it contains anti-yellow molecules that reduce the appearance of orange or yellow brassy undertones. So, no more worrying about uneven hair tones.


  • The 28.2-ounce tub contains a lot of product which can last for up to 25 applications depending on your hair length.
  • The bleach formula is nourishing and conditioning, so it leaves hair looking shiny and fresh after bleaching.
  • The powder is a mix of cool tones – blue and purple, which is ideal for that platinum or icy blonde color.


  • To get the whitest shade possible, you have to use a 40 developer which can destroy hair follicles, causing dry scalp and brittle strands.

This lightener made this list because Wella is one of the top haircare brands in the world, and its products are highly trusted!

Best Value Hair Bleach Kit: Manic Panic Flash Lightning Hair Bleach Kit

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You may not have heard of this brand, but it’s an Amazon bestseller because it’s a complete bleaching kit even beginners will find easy to use. The kit comes complete with powder, developer, mixing tub, gloves, and a brush. This is a light bleach kit, which only lifts five levels, but it is the ideal beginner’s tool kit. So, if you’ve never tried platinum highlights or light blonde hair, start with this product.

If you want a safe and environmentally friendly bleach, you’ll be glad to know Manic Panic is a vegan product. It does not contain all of the harsh chemicals that regular bleach powders do. This means no ammonia, no parabens, and no sulfates. In addition, it is not tested on animals.


  • This is the most convenient product because it works quickly and doesn’t damage your hair.
  • The bleach applies evenly, and it doesn’t leave your hair patchy. The color will be vibrant and bright.
  • The product can be used by people with all types of hair, including dark brown and black.


  • Since it only lifts five levels, dark-haired women will need to double-bleach for full platinum results.

Think of this bleach kit as the Indie favorite must-try product. So many customers rave about it on Amazon, we had to add it to our list!

Best Hair Bleach for Dark Hair: Clairol Bw2 Powder Lightener

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If you have dark brown or black hair, you know you need a very powerful bleach powder, or else you end up with brassy orange hair. Nobody wants streaky, patchy, or poorly colored hair. But with this easy to use lightener, you can get salon-style results from the comfort of your home. It’s so powerful that you’ll start to see results in as little as 5 minutes after application.

This formula has a thick creamy consistency that covers hair strands efficiently. It contains a moisture-sealing humectant that nourishes and conditions the hair, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your locks. For the best results, use the product with a 20-developer for about half an hour, then use a toner.


  • You’ll get quick and visible results because the formula is strong and very potent.
  • Women with dark hair will notice good results after the first application. After a double-bleaching, they can achieve a platinum blonde.
  • This lightener is highly recommended for doing highlights and balayage hair colors because it works fast and offers lasting results.


  • The product has a powerful scent, which may be off-putting.
  • The formula does contain harsh chemicals, which may result in some irritation after extended use.

We added this product to our list of bleaches because it works on darker hair, and we know how many women struggle with lightening dark hair.

Best Asian Beauty Product: eZn Creamy Hair Bleaching Cream Permanent Hair Color

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If you’re on the hunt for an innovative product, consider this Asian beauty brand, eZn. This whipped cream formula is an easy way to apply bleach. What you’ll love most about this product is the cute packaging. You just have to squeeze out the cream and apply it directly with your hands. This product is ideal for quick highlights or basic lightening. Note that this product is not advertised as a salon-grade bleach, it’s a fun and easy to use at-home bleach kit.

The formula contains nourishing Marula seed oil for luscious, healthy-looking hair, even after bleaching. To get a platinum blonde color, apply the cream at least twice because this formula is gentler than other bleaches.


  • The formula is gentle, so you can use this product for double-bleaching procedures without damaging your hair.
  • This bleach helps you achieve great results if you want an ash or pastel type hair color.
  • This is an affordable product that costs under $15.


  • The bottle’s applicator can get clogged.
  • There is a limited quantity of the cream product in each bottle. Therefore, long hair requires additional bottles of bleach.

This product is on our list because it is an excellent, easy to use cream with the cutest packaging!

Best Hair Bleach for Face: Jolen Creme Bleach

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Once you bleach your hair blonde, you really need to adjust the color of your brows. If you want to save money and time by skipping the salon, use the Jolene crème bleach on your face. It works like most other bleach products, but it’s designed for use on your face and sensitive areas.

This formula contains aloe vera, which soothes and nourishes the skin on sensitive areas like your face. It comes with a mixing cup and has a no-drip formula so you can apply it with precision. With this cream product, you’ll be able to match your brows to your hair color quickly at home. The best part is, it works on all hair colors and lightens effectively.


  • It is a very versatile product, and you can use it on your eyebrows, upper lip, chin, and other facial hair.
  • The product is a great value because one tub will last you for many applications.
  • The bleach will turn your hair nearly invisible, which means it blends in with your skin and is unnoticeable.


  • The bleach can make your hair turn orange. In that case, you need to re-apply and leave the product on longer.

We had to add this product to the list because women need a good facial hair bleach. With the Jolene bleach, you can easily match your eyebrows to your new hair color.

Best Premium Brand: Joico (JOIJI) Blonde Life Lightening Powder

Joico is a popular salon brand that’s also available on Amazon. It is a powder bleach that offers powerful results after just one application. The formula lifts nine levels of color quickly. It can be used with or without foils, making it a truly versatile hair bleach. This is the best option for women looking for high-quality bleach that offers salon level results.

This powder is excellent because it doesn’t cause extensive hair damage like breakage or fallout. It actually strengthens and conditions the hair, reducing up to 54% of breakage. This means you can use this product safely and not have to worry about irritation, because you only have to use it once, for great results!


  • This product keeps hair blonde and on-tone for up to 2 months.
  • The formula doesn’t contain any harmful additives, so your hair looks and feels healthier.
  • It contains nourishing hair oils such as monoi and tamanu oil, which protect the hair strands from the negative side-effects of bleaching.


  • Customers noted that it has a very strong scent, which causes an allergic reaction for some people.

We added this bleach to the list because we know many of you want to use high-quality premium salon products.

Best Hair Color with Bleach Effect: L’Oreal Paris Feria Extreme Platinum Kit

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If you want a quick lightener that’s cheap and easy to use, grab the L’Oreal Feria Platinum Kit. It is not like other bleach products because it’s a shade in their Feria hair dye range. However, this particular shade works just as well as other bleaches. The formula is free from ammonia, so there is little risk of hair damage.

This product works best if you already have a blonde hair color and are looking to go even lighter. It lightens up to seven levels for an icy or platinum blonde look that lasts for weeks. The product claims to offer crystal-clear platinum color after just one use. Since it’s affordable, you can keep using it as often as needed to refresh the color.


  • The bleach is ammonia-free, which means it doesn’t cause damage to your hair and won’t create a strong scent.
  • It has an anti-brass conditioner, which adds cool tones to the hair so you won’t end up with that unflattering brassiness.
  • This is the most affordable quick bleach kit and costs under $10.


  • This formula is not as powerful as powder bleaches, so you will have to re-apply it more often.

This product made the cut because it is practical, cheap, and easy to use, even for complete beginners.

 Best Cream Product: Joico Vero K-PAK Crème Lightener

A cream product is easy to work with because you don’t have to deal with powder dust and measurements. Imagine bleaching your hair without making a huge mess in the bathroom. Well, this product is here to help you achieve a lighter color quickly and efficiently. This formula is drip-free, creamy, and easy to lather on to the hair evenly. It gives you eight levels of lift for easy decoloration.

Don’t worry about an irritated scalp because this formula is very nourishing. It contains a mixture of shea butter, jojoba oil, vitamin E, and essential fatty acids to make sure your hair and scalp feel soft and hydrated. Combine with a mask, and you won’t even realize you bleached!


  • The formula is suitable for fine or thin hair because it is gentle and nourishing.
  • It is an efficient and strong product and works just as well as classic powder formulas.
  • The applicator is easy to use, and there is no-drip or splatter from the bottle.


  • The product has a strong unpleasant bleach scent.

We added this cream product to our list because it makes life easier. You can forget about powders and fallout and actually enjoy the process.

How To Choose a Hair Bleach

woman preparing for hair bleach treatment

Before you make a purchase, look for the following three things:

  • Brand: always choose high-quality bleach from well established and popular brands. Big brands usually have good products, and that’s why customers buy them and trust them. As well, those products are clinically approved, thus safe for consumer use. Don’t shop generic brands when it comes to hair bleach because those might contains harmful and low-quality ingredients.
  • Price: If a product seems too cheap, it probably isn’t a high-quality bleach. Be prepared to spend a little more for an effective hair bleach. But note that many drugstore priced bleaches are quite good and easy to use.
  • Ingredients: Hair bleach is full of chemicals and not-so-good ingredients. That’s why you need to check what the product contains to make sure you are not allergic to the components. Most bleach hair products contain ammonia, a known carcinogen that smells bad. So, before bleaching, always make sure the product is right for you.

Is hair bleach safe?

Hair bleach is safe for use, but there are some known issues with it. If you can find an excellent ammonia-free formula, use that as it’s less damaging for the scalp and hair strands.

Every time you bleach your hair, you cause damage to your scalp and hair strands. Since the bleach decolors your hair, it destroys the interior of hair strands. Some women may notice minor hair loss and increased hair breakage after bleaching, especially if they use a high-level developer.

That’s why it’s essential to use conditioners, toner, and hair masks to help your hair recover after lightening. As well, always follow the instructions on the product packaging to make sure you cause as little damage as possible. Never leave the bleach on for more than 45 minutes as it can cause severe irritation and hair damage.

The Bottom Line

As with any at-home hair treatment, there’s always a risk that you won’t end up with the desired results. However, if you follow instructions carefully and cover all the hair evenly, you can get beautiful platinum locks for a fraction of the cost of a salon visit.

Brands are continually improving their hair bleach formulas so that you won’t end up with dry, brittle hair. Always use conditioners and care for your locks regularly. This way, you can always have beautiful and healthy-looking hair you can be proud of.