10 Best Epilators For Women in 2022

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Are you considering at-home hair removal? Shaving, which is what most people tend to do, is time-consuming and must be repeated every few days to keep a smooth look. Additionally, using a razor can leave your skin with painful cuts and nick and even more painful ingrown hairs. That’s why this might be the perfect time to try a personal epilator. A trip to the salon can be fun every now and then, but who wants to spend $200-$400 on just one full body treatment. Personal epilators cost a fraction of that cost and can be used over and over again. 

Whether you are bound for the beach or the pool for summer or just ready to curl up under a warm blanket in the cool weather, unsightly and prickly hair needs to be removed. Instead of making a special trip to the salon and having to bare your body to a stranger, consider the perk of personal epilators. The privacy of removing hair in your own bathroom is a comfort to many. 

Epilators, like skin and hair types,  come in many varieties. Are you looking to have the best-shaped eyebrows or smooth silky legs? Or maybe you want both, along with a clean bikini line and hairless underarms. A personal epilator is just what you are looking for. The results of at-home hair removal can rival that of any salon with weeks of smooth legs, bikini line, underarms, face, or eyebrows. There are many styles to consider. From a simple spring-loaded facial epilator to a rechargeable all-in-one style, you can find just the right version for your body. 

In this article, you will find all the information you need to pick the best epilator for your needs. Listed are 10 of the best epilators for women that can be purchased from Amazon. With a variety of styles comes a range of prices, you’ll be sure to find the best fit for your skin and your wallet. 

10 Best Epilators For Women

12 Pieces Facial Hair Removal Spring

We will start with the most simplistic version of a personal epilator. For those just starting out, this is the most basic of epilator styles. Featuring a 12 piece spring-loaded set, there are 6 removal tools in pink and 6 in black. Each tool will last up to three hair removal sessions, giving you a total of 36 hair removal sessions. Working very similar to threading, you will use a simple three-step process to get the desired result. Bend, Hold and Twist your way to smooth skin.  While these spring-loaded tools are most suitable for cheeks, chins, upper lips, and neck, it will work on the legs and underarms, though it would take more time. With a solid 4 star rating on Amazon, this is a great starter set. 


  • You get 36 hair removal sessions for under $15, the lowest price on the list. 
  • Hair is removed in an easy to follow three step process: Hold, Bend, and Twist.
  • Without needing to be recharge and being battery free, you can use anytime. 


  • Only for use on small areas of the body, larger areas may take a very long time. 
  • Method is similar to threading, some people find this method tedious and painful. 

Remington Smooth & Silky Facial Epilator

Remington Smooth is a small compacted epilator. Featuring 6 automatic rotating tweezers, you can remove precisely the facial hairs you want without running the risk of removing too much. A compact design is great for usage on smaller parts of the body, including the bikini area. The Smooth comes with a protective cap to keep the tweezers free from debris during travel and a small brush to remove the hairs from the epilator’s tweezers., making maintenance simple.  It runs on 1 AA (double A) battery that is included. You can use this epilator right out of the box without waiting for a charge. 


  • The small compact design is great for detailed use in areas like the face and bikini zone. 
  • A protective head and cleaning brush are included with the Smooth to keep your product working its best. 


  • The Smooth is run by a double A battery and is not rechargeable, you must keep batteries on hand to be able to use at any time.

Best Epilator For Legs: Philips Beauty HP6401/50 Satinelle Essential

Phillip’s Beauty Satinelle removes even the shortest of hairs from the roots for weeks of smooth legs and arms. With its sleek ergonomic design, it is easy to hold and work over longer periods of time. The 21 hypoallergenic rotating tweezers cleanly remove hair without pulling or irritating your skin. The efficiency cap attachment decreases the working surface area so you can focus on precise areas in sensitive areas. Pick from two different speed settings and decide which one is right for your body. The corded design allows use without having to wait for a charge. The epilator head is removable for cleaning, needing only water for optimal hygienic use. 


  • This epilator does not have to be recharged, the corded design is plug in and go. No need to wait on recharging. 
  • The included efficiency cap allows you to target hairs in small sections and in more sensitive areas. 
  • With a price point of around $30, this personal epilator is a good choice for those working within a budget.


  • With only one included attachment, this unit offers less accessories than some of the others on our list within the same price range. 
  • You must remove the epilator head and wash after every use to maintain the product. 

Homech Facial Hair Remover

Homech Facial Hair Remover is the only epilator on this list with a perfect 5-star rating. It promises to remove unwanted hair and peach fuzz on your cheeks, chin hair, and upper lip, painlessly and quickly. Featuring a dual-edged circle blade, simply glide it over your face to remove hair without pulling. With its wet-dry technology and bright LED light, you can use your epilator in the bath or shower with ease. It comes with a USB cord to charge with any power bank, once fully charged, the Homech boasts a two-week battery hold. With its sleek lipstick style case, you can bring it with you anyway.


  • A bright LED light allows you to see and remove even the tiniest of hairs for a flawless look. 
  • With a single charge, the Homech holds its charge for up to two weeks. You can take it with you on vacation and don’t need to pack the charger. 
  • Offering a price point at under $25, this is an affordable option for most people. 


  • Although this is a perfect product for facial hair removal, it is not recommended for eyebrows. You will need an additional device. 
  • Build up of hair and skin cells can accumulate quickly, therefore it is imperative you clean thoroughly after each use. 

Conair Satiny Smooth Ladies Total Body Epilator

The Conair Satiny Smooth removes body hair easily. It leaves skin silky smooth for up to six weeks. Featuring 22 precise tweezers for at the root removal. Satiny Smooth is palm-sized for easy grip. Included in your order are extra attachments for use in sensitive areas. It comes with a protective cap and cleaning brush and a  removable head for easy cleaning. Charge your epilator with the included charging adapter. The Conair can be used corded or cordless. 


  • Featuring 22 tweezers working at one time, you’ll be smooth in no time. 
  • Including extra attachments for the bikini area, those thicker hairs are able to be removed easily and maintain the shape you desire. 
  • Can be used corded or cordless, using corded you are able to maintain the charge for a longer period of time. 


  • You must only use the cord that comes with the product. Using another cord can cause damage to the unit and is not covered for the replacement. 
  • Replacement cords can be hard to find online and they can be expensive. 

Braun Silk-epil 3 3-270 Epilator

 The Braun Silk Epil-3 features a twenty tweezer system to remove even the finest of hairs. Need a little pick-me-up? This personal epilator boasts massage rollers that gently stimulate and massage your skin for even more comfort. The Epil-3 comes with three extras heads, including a shaver head, trimmer cap, and a  massage cap. With two speed settings, you can choose what is best for your individual skin. Recharge your Braun Silk with a 12V adapter. The Epil-3 is recommended for legs and body.


  • Comes with extra attachments to massage your skin, trim strays hairs, or to just use as a regular razor. 
  • Offers two-speed settings so that you can pick which is the right one for your body type. 
  • Great for use from the underarms to the ankles for an all-over smooth look. 


  • Can only be used for dry shaving, cannot be used in the shower or bath. 
  • Packaging may vary, therefore, you might receive a different colored than pictured

Panasonic ES-ED90-P Wet/Dry Epilator and Shaver

Panasonic Wet/Dry Epilator and Shaver is a multi-functional personal epilator and razor! This wet/dry combo unit can be used in the shower or bath. Featuring a high-performance dual-speed motor and 6 snap-on hair remover and pedicure buffer attachments, you have a complete tool for at-home body hair removal. The shaver head’s hypo-allergenic blades and foil offer safe hair removal on all types of skin, including sensitive skin. Included is a pop-up trimmer to capture and eliminate all stray hairs, to maintain shape in the bikini area. The Epilation Head conforms to your individual body contours and is ideal for legs and arms. With the help of its built-in LED light, you’ll never miss a hair. Body hair removal is only the beginning of the perks of this epilator. You also will walk away with the softest feet. Included with the ES is an at-home pedicure. Use the attachment to exfoliate and buff your tired feet. 


  • Features a dual-speed motor so you can pick the right setting that is most comfortable for your body. 
  • Offers pedicure attachments for silky smooth feet, therefore saving you a trip to the salon.
  • Comes a trimmer attachment to maintain desired shapes or to capture stray hairs. 
  • Can be used anywhere with its wet/dry technology, many people like to use epilators in the bath for a more comfortable experience. 


  • Replacement parts can be expensive and should be considered in the price of the unit. 
  • Cannot be used while charging/plugged in. You will need to wait until the device is fully charged for the best results. 

Braun Silk-Epil 5 5-895 Epilator For Women

The Braun Epilator for Women boasts an amazing 4.5-star rating. Using Senosmart technology this personal epilator removes four times shorter hair than waxing for up to four weeks of smooth skin. The SensoSmart technology ensures optimal pressure is applied to your body for the best results for smooth skin. A light on the device will inform you that your pressure is just right (green light) or that you are using too much pressure (red light) It takes all the guesswork out of the equation.  The Silk-Epi features 5 attachments including a shaver and trimmer for sensitive areas. Also included are 3 attachments to cleanse and exfoliate your skin. It also works to apply creams and remove makeup. With its wet-dry technology, you can use this device in the shower or the bath. Get soft skin from head to toe.


  • Removes even the shortest of hair, even those that are shorter than what a waxing will remove. 
  • Features facial attachment to exfoliate and buff, and can be used to apply cream and makeup. 
  • Offers wet/dry technology for use in the shower or bath, which some prefer for comfort’s sake.  


  • Each charge lasts just 30 minutes, which may not be enough for beginners. 
  • Uses 2 AA batteries which are not included. You’ll need to keep extras on hand. 

Best Premium Epilator: Braun Silk-épil 9 9-030 Epilator For Women

The Braun Epilator for Women, Silk-épil 9 9-030 features a fully flexible head for the easiest of hair removal. With Micro-Grip technology, and an astounding 40 tweezers (the most on our list)  work quickly to provide you with smooth skin for weeks. The anti-slip handle and wet-dry technology are perfect for use in the shower or bath.  Featuring Braun’s SensoSmart technology, the precise amount of pressure is applied and it can even be used underwater. As a bonus and even softer skin, the Silk-Epil includes an exfoliation brush attachment. Use the Silk-Epil as a shaver or trimmer with the included shaver attachment. With its quick rechargeable battery and 40 minutes of use per charge, you’ll be smooth and ready in no time. 


  • The only epilator on our list that features a fully flexible head. This allows the head to fit all your body’s unique curves and edges. 
  • Features 40 tweezers for quick removal. This is the biggest tweezer count on the list, allowing for the speediest of hair removal. 
  • Can be used in the shower or bath, which some find more comfortable than using dry. 
  • Offers a quick recharge and over 40 minutes of usage which gives you plenty of time for full-body use. 


  • The Silk-Epil’s price point is higher than the others at nearly $180. This price point might be a deterrent to those one a budget. 
  • Not recommended for the face, therefore you would need to purchase and an additional unit for facial hair removal. 

Braun Silk Epil 9-985 Epilator

The next Braun product: Braun Epilator for Women, Silk-Epil 9 9-985 is a true All-In-One epilator for your face and your body. The seven different attachments allow you to remove hair from your face, arms, legs, bikini area, and other sensitive areas with ease. You can exfoliate, tone, cleanse, and apply creams and makeup using the attachments. Additionally, beyond epilation, the shaver and razor attachments, all for quick trims into between your full body treatments. The epilator removes hairs 4 times shorter than that of waxing, and the massage and exfoliation attachments remove dead skin cells to prevent unsightly and painful ingrown hairs. With up to 50 minutes of use with each charge, Braun’s SensoSmart technology, and wet-dry options, you can be smooth in no time. With an impressive 4.4 star rating, the Silk-Epil 9-985 is perfect for those looking for a true all-in-one epilator.


  • All-in-one device for use on the face and body. No need to purchase an additional device. 
  • Offers 7 different attachments for the face and other sensitive areas. Maintain bikini shape, trim stray hairs, and buff skin. 
  • Can be used for up to 50 minutes, the longest charge on our list. Plenty of time for a full body use. 
  • Can be used in the bath or shower, which many prefer to to a dry removal. 


  • With a high price point, the cost might be a deterrent for some users. 
  • Hairs need to be longer for a smooth removal than other epilators on the list. 

Buyers Guide

best epilator for women

Things to Consider

There are a few things to consider before purchasing your epilator. Foremost, pick where you most want the hair removed. Some people don’t mine shaving their legs, but dislike shaving the underarms. There are those that only want facial hair removed. If you are not looking for an all-in-one epilator, make sure you pick one that features exactly what you are looking for. Most first time beginners will start with a facial epilator.

How Does An Epilator Work?

An epilator works in the same vein as tweezing. The unwanted hair is removed from the root, leaving skin smooth much longer than just shaving. Most epilators feature between twenty and forty tiny tweezers spinning with great speed to grab and remove the hairs. Most new users describe the sensation between slightly uncomfortable to painful, depending on the area of hair removal. However, with consistent use, the body becomes acclimated to the epilator and it becomes virtually painless. Some people find that using the epilator underwater in the bathtub reduces the pain. If you choose this route, please make sure that you purchase a device that has wet/dry technology. 

How Do You Use An Epilator?

Epilators are used much like you would use your razor. While each brand is different, in general, you hold the device at a 90-degree angle and gently glide over the skin in the direction of the hair growth. Going against the growth of hair will prove more painful and may result in bumps, irritation, and ingrown hairs.  Most brands suggest that you hold the skin taut for the best results. Some styles suggest moving the epilator in slow circular motions. These types are mostly for use on the face, where the hair is finer. Start with small sections and give yourself time to get used to the sensation. It can take a while for some people. The most simple of epilators are a spring-loaded tool that mimics threading and can be used for more precise areas. Prices can range depending on the type of epilator you decide to purchase. 

For Men And Women

While advertised mostly to women, all epilators can be used by men as well. Those with thicker body hair may experience a more uncomfortable sensation than those with finer hair. If you have never shaved or if it has been a long time and your hair is longer, most find that shaving first and allowing hair to grow to a quarter of an inch will give you the best results with the least amount of pain. Attempting to remove long hairs with an epilator will be very uncomfortable, especially for those that have never had hair removed by wax or tweezers before. 

Additional Attachments

Make sure you consider the options of additional attachments. The motor in most devices allows for an exchange of heads. Many epilators come with specialized attachments for the face and body. With the proper attachments, you can get rid of all the disposable razor lingering in your shower. Look for a shaver or razor attachment to use where you do not want to use the epilator, many prefer these attachments in more sensitive areas. Bonus attachments can include facial exfoliators and toning brushes. Used on the face, you’ll have a tightened skin tone perfect for makeup application. Many claim that using these attachments on the body will prevent unsightly ingrown hairs. Additionally, many epilators come with bonus attachments for your feet as well. No more need to get a pedicure when you can buff your feet smooth right in your own home. 

Battery Powered or Rechargeable?

Consider the amount of time it will take you to rid yourself of unwanted hair. Rechargeable epilators offer a battery-free option, but may only run for a short time before they need to be recharged. There are those on the list that will run for up to an hour. A battery-powered epilator runs much longer, though the device can grow warm with extended use, some people find this uncomfortable. Rechargeable options are best for those who can remove hair in sessions, allowing time to recharge between each cycle. For beginners, though, this may be the best route as it takes time to get used to removing hair at home.