10 Best Callus Removers in 2022

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Imagine trying on a cute pair of high-heeled sandals, and you suddenly notice a big rough white patch on your heels. It can be embarrassing, and nobody wants to deal with nasty calluses during sandal season. Foot calluses not only look awful, but they can be painful too. Sandal season means your feet should be in the best shape possible. The first step to great looking feet is to get rid of all the calluses.

Calluses are accumulations of dead skin on the heels, toes, and balls of your feet. There are several methods to get rid of calluses, corns, and other rough areas to give your smooth, baby skin on your feet.

Check out our list of the top 10 best callus remover products, from electric devices and creams to files and pumice stones. You’ll find something for every budget on Amazon.

Top 10 Best Callus Removers

Best File: Pefei Colossal Foot Rasp Foot File and Callus Remover

Pefei Colossal Foot Rasp Foot File and Callus Remover

A foot file is a cheap tool to remove calluses from your heels and toes. This product is backed by tons of positive reviews because it removes dead skin easily. It looks like a big cheese grater, but it works wonder even on thick calluses. You can use it on dry skin, or you can use it in the shower on wet feet. For the best results, scrub your soaked heel lightly back and forth.

The stainless steel material will last you a long time, so you don’t need to worry about damaging the file in a damp bathroom. Since this foot file is so easy to maneuver, you’ll have no problem scrubbing your feet and removing calluses in less than 5 minutes.


  • This product has an ergonomic design, which means it is gently curved so you can use it at any angle to reach those hard to scrub areas on your feet.
  • It is very inexpensive and costs about 10 dollars, so it suits any budget.
  • The product is made of high-quality materials, including a stainless-steel grater and a non-slip handle.


  • You will have to scrub pretty hard for very thick and hardened corns and calluses, and it is time-consuming.

Best Multifunctional File: ESARORA 4 PACK Pedicure Tools

ESARORA 4 PACK Pedicure Tools

This handy set of tools includes four separate parts. First, you get two fine foot files, which are excellent for removing dead skin and thinner calluses on the toes and heels. Then, you have two larger stainless steel foot scrapers for coarse calluses, corns, and dry patches of dead skin.

Use the fine foot files to remove any minor calluses and patches of cracked skin or small bumps. Since the tools are smaller, you can get around the toe area. With this multifunctional set of files, you’ll be able to smooth out your feet from heel to toe painlessly. Scrub gently on dry or wet skin to achieve silky smooth feet.


  • The handles are easy to grip so they won’t slip from your hands as you scrub those small spaces and hard to reach calluses.
  • With this tool, you can remove the big calluses on your heels but also target the smallest imperfections with the special fine grater and file.
  • You can stop paying lots of money at the salon because this 4-in-1 product costs approximately 10 dollars.


  • The files are made of plastic material, so they are not as durable as more expensive products.
  • You’ll have to go over an area a few times to remove coarse calluses and corns.

Best Electric Callus Remover: Emjoi Micro-Pedi 3D Callus Remover

Emjoi Micro-Pedi 3D Callus Remover

Using this device is an easy way to smooth out your soles. This corded device efficiently removes even the hardest and coarsest of calluses. It is called a 3D remover because the electric callus remover can rotate at 360 degrees 30 times per second. It also oscillates back and forth at 20 times per second to remove dead skin fast.

Since the device is electrically operated, you won’t be wasting your time scrubbing your heels back and forth. The flex rollers are made of microscopic mineral particles that work hard to remove all types of calluses and corns. You can use the roller all over your feet painlessly.


  • It is a powerful corded tool that is very efficient and works fast without having to charge it.
  • It includes a safety stop mechanism, so the roller will stop if you apply too much pressure. This way, you don’t risk any injuries.
  • The product comes with additional accessories such as a cleaning brush, an adapter, and an extra anti-bacterial roller.


  • It is not portable because it has a cord. This means you need to use it near a power outlet. Therefore, it could be inconvenient if you want to travel with this device.
  • This model is more expensive than the other Emjoi rollers, which perform similar functions.

Best Pumice Stone: Onyx Professional Double Sided Pumice Stone 100% Siliglass Callus Remover

Onyx Professional Double Sided Pumice Stone 100% Siliglass Callus Remover

The Onyx is not your regular pumice stone; it is a double-sided siliglass buffer. It has two sides: one exfoliates and removes all the dead skin and thick calluses while the other side polishes to give you baby-smooth skin. This product will not only make your feet look great, but it helps prevent infections because it blocks the absorption of liquids that are known to cause fungal infections.

If you haven’t used siliglass until now, you need to try it. It works better than other pumice stones because it has an open-pore cell structure, which is more efficient at removing calluses. The edges of the stone have a rounded design to help you penetrate those hard to reach spots.


  • The Siliglass pumice stone is more efficient than regular pumice products because it penetrates deeper. You don’t need to scrub hard to remove all the dead skin on your feet.
  • The stone does not absorb moisture and liquids that are the leading cause of fungal and bacterial foot infections.
  • The double-sided design makes it easy to remove calluses, corns, and stains with one side and polish the skin to make it soft to the touch with the other.


  • It is more expensive than other pumice stones.
  • The texture is rough, and it may cause irritation or slight pain while using it.

Best Foot Cream For Calluses: PurSources Urea 40% Foot Cream

PurSources Urea 40% Foot Cream

A cream product is the most pain-free method to get rid of stubborn calluses and achieve smooth skin. Besides removing calluses, this cream will get rid of any cracked skin, dry patches, and it leaves skin feeling soft. It contains great natural ingredients such as tea tree oil, chamomile, and aloe vera.

Urea is a top ingredient used to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, but it also removes calluses and corns efficiently. After this cream removes the dead skin, it locks in moisture to leave the skin feeling fresh. The best part about using this cream is that you can buff away any remaining callus marks after using it painlessly. But, most women don’t even need to use a file or grater tool.


  • This is a multi-purpose cream you can use on feet, hands, and elbows to remove dead skin.
  • The cream is produced by a trusted American manufacturer, so you know it’s a trusted brand.
  • With this formula, you not only soften skin and moisturize, but you can also treat itchy, dry, and flaky skin.


  • You won’t see instant results because it takes several applications of cream to remove all of the calluses and corns.
  • You have to keep re-applying to maintain results.

Best Callus Remover Gel: Lee Beauty Professional Callus Remover Gel

Lee Beauty Professional Callus Remover Gel

Consider this Amazon bestseller gel the next time you want to remove your calluses. This gel makes at-home pedicures easy. This powerful gel completely dissolves the calluses and dead skin on your feet. Use this product after you’ve washed your feet and scrubbed the top layer of skin off with a pumice stone or file. Just apply the gel for 10 minutes, and you’ll see a noticeable difference.

Since this is an extra-strength formula, you need to use gloves while applying it. But don’t worry, the hassle is worth it because it melts away all of the dead skin, and your feet will be beach ready instantly. No wonder this product is the best-rated gel product for callus removal.


  • It is an extra-strength formula, so one application will give you visible results.
  • It is an affordable gel in an 8oz bottle so that it will last you for several applications.
  • Customers rave about this product and claim it gives them salon-grade results in minutes.


  • You will need to use gloves because the product can irritate and burn your hands.

Best Peeling Mask: Lavinso Peeling Foot Mask

Lavinso Peeling Foot Mask

A peeling foot mask is a quick-fix type of product. It is a one-time use sheet mask for your feet that removes dead skin and exfoliates to give you soft, silky feet. This product is formulated to target dry skin, calluses, corns, and cracks. The package comes with foot peel booties that are easy and comfortable to use.

To use the mask, simply place your feet into the booties and cover them with cotton socks. You need to leave them on for approximately one hour. You’ll get smooth skin without having to scrub, file, and grate your feet. If you use the product one a month, you’ll have no more issues with nasty calluses.


  • There is no pain involved because you won’t feel any discomfort while wearing the booties. It will be a comforting sensation.
  • This mask not only removes the dead skin, but it also restores the skin’s moisture.
  • Using masks helps the skin stay soft and prevents the formation of new calluses and cracks.


  • It takes one hour for the mask to work so you’ll have to wear the booties for a long time, which can be inconvenient.
  • The masks need to be used continually, once a month.

Best Foot Scrub: Earth Therapeutics Charcoal Purifying Foot Scrub

Earth Therapeutics Charcoal Purifying Foot Scrub

This foot scrub is a herbal treatment for rough, coarse skin full of calluses. This scrub is full of natural ingredients like tea tree oil and bamboo charcoal. If you are looking for a herbal remedy for your callus problem, this is the go-to product. It is an Amazon bestseller because it scrubs away all the rough patches on your toes and heels.

The formula is coarse and gritty so that you can scrub it into the skin well. After scrubbing for a few minutes, simply rinse the product off. This product is intended to cleanse, purify, and exfoliate feet. To remove all calluses, you need to use it multiple times.


  • This is a natural product and certified organic. It does not contain harmful or harsh chemicals. Thus it’s suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Bamboo charcoal is known for its purifying properties, and it removes all toxins from the skin.
  • The product is affordable and suitable for all budgets.


  • It is not efficient in removing very coarse calluses in one go. It takes multiple uses to get rid of all the dead skin.
  • Excessive scrubbing can damage the skin.

Best Rechargeable & Travel Friendly: Pritech Electric Feet Callus Remover

Pritech Electric Feet Callus Remover

Many women want to have a portable callus remover they can take on vacation with them. This is the ideal product for on-the-go pedicures. It is a rechargeable foot callus removal tool with three separate rollers you can use wet or dry. For thick calluses, use the coarsest roller on dry skin as it will remove all the dead skin. For touch-ups, use the finer rollers on moist feet.

You don’t need to press hard to see results- gently rub the device’s rollers back and forth on the heels to remove calluses. Since the tool is cordless, you can use it anywhere for up to 45-minutes continuously.


  • The product is very affordable compared to other similar devices.
  • The device has a start and stop function, so it automatically turns off if you apply too much pressure. This helps you avoid injury.
  • The device is light, portable, and ideal for travel.


  • You will have to go over an area a few times if the callous is hardened.

Best Medical Product: Dr. Scholl’s CALLUS REMOVER with Duragel Technology

Dr. Scholl’s CALLUS REMOVER with Duragel Technology

These small medicated discs contain the highest dose of non-prescription callus removing medication. Each patch contains salicylic acid, which is an effective treatment for calluses. The product works by softening the callus and removes it after two treatments. To use the patches, simply peel off the protective layer and stick them to the callus. You can walk and sleep with the patch on because it doesn’t fall off.

The product’s duragel technology lasts all day and provides pain relief and a soft-cushion feeling, which makes walking easy. Don’t worry about people noticing your medicated patch because they are almost invisible.


  • The patches contain the highest dose of over the counter medication available without a prescription.
  • It is the cheapest way to remove a big, painful callus because you only need to use two patches.
  • It works on the thickest and coarsest calluses.


  • In some cases, the patches may slip off when playing sports or exercising.

Buyer considerations

Callus Removal Cream

Before buying a callus removing product, there are some factors to consider. Keep reading to find out what to look for.

What are calluses?

Do you actually suffer from calluses, or is it something else? A callus is caused by the gradual buildup of dead skin around pressure points or bony areas of your feet. The skin becomes hard, thick, and often it gets painful when you apply pressure to it.  

Calluses appear as areas of hard, coarse skin around the heel, toes, and the balls of your feet. Make sure you don’t mistake a callus for corns or bacterial infections.

Types of callus removers

There are many products on Amazon that claim to remove calluses, but let’s examine the main types of callus removers so you may choose the best one for your feet.

Manual: these include the files and graters you use to scrub your feet. These look like foot scrubbers, and you just need to scrub back and forth using light pressure. This type of tool is effective because you can go over stubborn areas a couple of times to make sure the callus is completely removed. The disadvantage of this kind of tool is that you have to use it frequently, and you need to rub and scrub a lot to remove the hard skin.

Electric: these devices usually have a few types of rough and semi-rough rollers. You can find battery-powered or corded rechargeable devices to use on the go. The advantage of an electric callus remover is that it works quickly. The rollers need to be rolled back and forth over the rough skin, and it gets peeled off. The disadvantage is that you need to replace the rollers quite often.

Creams and gels: these types of products are easy to use.Salons use gel callus removers because they work well and remove almost all of the dead skin on your feet. Gels and creams target the dead epidermis and cause it to fall off. So after you use the products, always rinse your feet to remove all the left-over gunk.

Scrubs: a scrub is considered an abrasive method to rub away all of the dead skin on your feet. Try to pick natural scrubs that are organic and chemical-free. Scrubs are a short-term fix for calluses because they only take off the surface skin.

Foot masks and exfoliating sheets: these kinds of products are ideal for softening the skin. They are usually used in combination with a foot file. Exfoliating reveals baby-soft skin and makes your feet look ready for the beach. The disadvantage of this kind of callus remover is that you have to spend over an hour wearing the mask booties on your feet, and it can be inconvenient.

Medicated patches: brands such as Dr. Scholls sell small invisible patches that contain medication such as salicylic acid. These are used to treat those pesky hard calluses that don’t seem to come off after scrubbing with electrical rollers and manual files. The medication is released in gel form and works all day on the skin to remove the callus. Be careful when using such products – make sure you have a callus and not a wart or infection, those require special patches.

Pumice stones: most people are familiar with the classic pumice stone. It has been around for centuries and is used to remove dry skin. The pumice stone is the most cost-efficient way to remove calluses. However, you’ll need to use the stone continuously. The latest pumice stones are dual-sided for extra efficiency. Use the abrasive side to scrub off the callus and the second finer side to polish and soften.

Is it safe to use a callus remover?

It is safe to use a callus remover because calluses are not dangerous. It is normal to remove calluses for your own comfort and for aesthetic purposes. But as a precaution, read the packaging instructions before you use a product.

The Bottom Line

As you’ve noticed, removing your calluses at home is fairly inexpensive and doesn’t require a trip to the salon. It’s easy to integrate this exfoliation process into your at-home pedicure routine. There are many options for removing dead skin, such as files, electrical devices, medical patches, and liquid topical treatments. Choosing the best callus remover product for your feet is up to you.