7 Best Burgundy Hair Dye in 2021

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Burgundy is a beautiful hair color that many women love because it is rich, highly pigmented, and reflects purple tones in the light. Since burgundy is such a popular hair color, there are many types of semi-permanent hair dyes you can find on Amazon. DIYing your hair color at home is both affordable and easy, so no trip to the salon is required!

We’ve compiled a list of the top 7 best burgundy hair dyes, so you don’t have to go searching for great color. Alternatively, you can experiment with colors such as: blue-black, purple, ash brown, etc.

Who should use a burgundy hair dye?

Always choose a color that you like and do what feels right to you. But, some women look their best with a shade of burgundy hair color. In general, there are two types of burgundy: warm and cool.

Cool shades contain red and violet undertones that suit people with pink, olive, and ebony skin tones.

Warm shades have more brown tones and suit people with a golden or peachy skin tone.

But in general, burgundy flatters most complexions, so don’t worry about dying your hair this color. What you need to know, though, is that burgundy color works best if applied on dark brown or black hair. If you use it on blonde or red hair, you will get a purple shade. It will take a double application to get the desired result.

Anyone can use these box hair dyes at home. They come with easy to follow instructions and handy applicators so you won’t be making a big mess in your bathroom. The best part is, all of these brands will leave you with a vibrant, rich color for under $20!

7 Best Burgundy Hair Dyes

Amazon’s Choice: Revlon Colorsilk Beautiful Color (Deep Burgundy)

Revlon Colorsilk Hair Dye

This ammonia-free formula is a constant bestselling at-home hair dye. The formula contains keratin, which strengthens the hair strands, so they don’t get damaged during the coloring process. Revlon uses a unique 3D Color gel formula that makes application easy and even. The color also covers all gray hairs so that you get a multi-tonal, vibrant color that lasts longer.

Colorsilk claims to be America’s #1 hair color because it is very effective and affordable. It makes it easy for women to color their own hair at home without spending money at salons. The Deep Burgundy shade is popular because it offers long-lasting color and a rich tone with minimal washout.


  • The formula is conditioning because it contains keratin and silk amino acid, which claims to leave hair in a better condition than before the color application.
  • This product does not contain ammonia, which is a highly toxic substance commonly found in hair dyes.
  • The product has an easy bottle applicator and only takes 25 minutes to use.


  • There is only one burgundy shade available, and Revlon’s Colosilk formula has a limited color range.
  • It might take two bottles of product to cover long, thick hair fully.

Schwarzkopf Keratin Color Permanent Hair Color Cream (Ruby Noir)

Schwarzkopf Keratin Color Dye

Schwarzkopf is one of the most popular hair dye brands in Europe. Their formula is innovative because it contains K-Bond-Plex, which makes hair stronger and healthier as it colors. Keratin repairs the inner structure of hair strands, so they look more voluminous and shiny. This permanent color lasts long and offers a great shade range of burgundy tones.

Before coloring, use the pre-color serum that comes with the hair dye. This ensures the color applies evenly and locks into the hair strands for a richer color. The formula claims to cause 80% less hair breakage than other drugstore dyes.


  • The formula uses low odor technology, which means the dye doesn’t have a strong scent like some other irritating dyes.
  • The hair color covers gray hair, ensuring the roots and tips are evenly colored.
  • The pre-color serum is a conditioner that you use prior to coloring to nourish and prep the hair for the dye.


  • The serum is an extra step that takes an additional 15 minutes before the coloring process, so it will take longer to dye your hair at home.
  • Color bleed out may occur after the first wash.

Best Classic Product: Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Nourishing Permanent Hair Color Cream (Dark Intense Burgundy)

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Nourishing Permanent Hair Color Cream

Most women are familiar with Garnier Nutrisse Hair Dyes, as they are cult-classic products. These dyes are known for their color boosting technology that makes the color last longer. This way, you don’t have to deal with fading after the first few washes. The formula contains a mix of three nourishing oils: Avocado, Shea, and Olive which work to nourish and condition your hair strands

Garnier has a unique no-drip formula that makes applying the dye very easy and user-friendly. There is also a special oil ampoule that is mixed into the hair dye to make it more conditioning, ensuring there is limited hair damage.


  • Garnier is a trusted brand; it has been making hair products for over a century.
  • The formula is made using many natural ingredients such as avocado, grape seed oil, shea, and olives.
  • The dye is long-lasting and only requires one application for a rich, vibrant result.


  • This hair dye is not great when it comes to covering gray hairs – it claims it’s not intended for covering grays.
  • There will be a color bleed in the shower after the first wash, which means you can lose some of the color intensity.

Best Vegan Hair Dye: Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dye (Deep Burgundy)

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dye

If you want to try an innovative product, this Lime Crime hair dye is a must-try. It is unlike regular hair dyes because it comes in a colorful jar, and it has a sweet, pleasant scent, unlike any other hair color product. It truly reminds you of unicorns, rainbows, and happiness in a bottle.

The formula is cruelty-free, paraben-free, bleach-free, and as you’d expect, ammonia-free. Consider this hair dye the healthiest DIY hair coloring kit. You get a semi-permanent hair color that is vibrant, silky, and long-lasting. Your hair will feel healthy and nourished after coloring. Plus, you won’t feel guilty as you use this vegan formula because it has a minimal impact on the environment.


  • The formula of this hair dye is free of all the harsh-chemicals commonly found in most formulas, so you can rest assured it won’t damage your hair like some other products.
  • The colors are innovative and unique, especially ideal for young women who want to experiment with color.
  • This formula offers full coverage of all strands, including gray hairs.
  • The products are all made in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A and are vegan.


  • The price of the hair dye is higher than your average drugstore product.

Best Shimmering Color: L’Oreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Permanent Hair Color (Violet Noir)

L’Oreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Permanent Hair Color (Violet Noir)

These shimmering hair dyes from L’Oreal are great because they offer the most exciting and stylish shade range compared to other brands. The colors are edgy, modern, and vibrant. This is a permanent hair dye with a nourishing and conditioning formula that doesn’t destroy the hair or irritate the scalp. All the colors in this line are multi-tone, which gives hair that shimmering effect in the light. This is because each color contains three highlights to give your hair that multi-dimensional bold color.

The formula claims to be fade-proof for a minimum of eight weeks, which means you only have to re-apply the color every two months. For the best results, use the dye on a brown or dark base color. When you flick your hair, everyone will see the gorgeous highlights and colors.


  • The formula covers all of your gray roots.
  • The color you see on the box is the color you get if you follow the instructions. There is a minimal discrepancy between the shade that’s advertised and the actual color.
  • The product gives salon-like results, but it is very affordable and costs under $10.


  • The product contains parabens and has a strong fragrance, which can irritate sensitive skin.

Best Premium Brand: WELLA Color Charm Permanent Liquid HAIR COLOR (Burgundy)

WELLA Color Charm Permanent Liquid HAIR COLOR

Wella is one of the world’s leading hair dye manufacturers for salons. This DIY box dye is a top-quality permanent hair dye that gives you a beautiful shade of burgundy. What’s great about this hair dye is that it leaves your hair with vibrant color. The shades are true-to-tone, which means that you can trust the color is going to work. There are several burgundy shades available so that you can choose something that suits your skin tone.

The product contains LiquidFuse Technology, which makes the color long-lasting and fade-proof, so you don’t have to worry about instant fading after the first hair wash. If you want consistent results every time you dye your hair, then the Wella dye is a must-try product. The color is intense and vibrant, so you’ll never have to settle for dull-looking hair.


  • The product covers all gray hair instantly without leaving your hair with different tones.
  • Since this is a permanent hair dye, it doesn’t fade quickly like some other at-home hair dyes.
  • The formula is conditioning and doesn’t destroy the hair. It claims to give you 60% more conditioning than the other leading hair color.
  • Wella is a trusted salon-grade brand, so you know their products are high-quality.


  • The dye is powerful, which may irritate the scalp for some users. Some women reported minor hair-loss.

Best Budget Dye: Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent (Dark Burgundy and Rich Plum)

Clairol Natural Instincts Semi Permanent

With this great hair dye from Clairol, you’ll get a semi-permanent shiny color that lasts for up to 28 washes. This formula works best on dark hair or natural color that is similar to burgundy. It is ideal for enhancing your natural color and adding shine to lifeless hair. The dye is affordable and suited to all budgets so that you can color your hair at home for much less than a visit to the salon.

It works to cover all gray hairs and provide healthy-looking hair. The formula is made with 80% natural ingredients such as coconut and aloe vera, which work to hydrate each hair strand. Since it’s a clean natural formula, the dye contains no parabens or ammonia, which actually destroys the hair and scalp over time.


  • The color has an ammonia-free formula. Ammonia is proven to be toxic to the human brain.
  • The formula is the cleanest Clairol has ever created. It also has a new eco-friendly packaging aimed to reduce waste.
  • The formula works well on all hair textures, which means people of all races and ethnicities can use the dye.


  • The burgundy shade works best on dark hair colors. It can fade quickly on light hair colors.

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Is hair dye safe to use?

At-home box hair dyes are generally safe to use. However, they do contain many chemicals, some of which are highly toxic and cause allergies. Some formulas contain ammonia, which is considered a toxic, carcinogenic substance. As well, many dyes contain PPDA, which is an allergen, and many women are actually quite allergic to it. That’s why you must conduct a patch test before using a hair dye product.

Here is a list of safety precautions to take when using hair dye:

  • Perform a patch test on your skin before you use the dye. Place a small amount of product on your arm and wait for 24 hours to see if you develop an allergic reaction.
  • Use plastic or rubber gloves when touching and applying the dye.
  • Follow the packaging instructions and leave the dye on the hair for the suggested amount of time.
  • Don’t mix different formulas and brands as you can end up creating a toxic cocktail.

So, the next time you want to go for a stylish burgundy shade, consider DIYing your hair color at home with one of the great formulas from our list of the best burgundy hair dyes. Not only is it much more affordable than going to a salon, but you can also experiment with shades and tones.